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Acorn Lake11402_1SFL
Acorn Lake Creek11402_1SFL
Adams Beach11407_1LFL
Addison Bay11430_3SFL
Alabama Point11378_1LAL
Alafia River11416_1SFL
Alafia River Channel11416_1SFL
Alaqua Bayou11385_1SFL
Alaqua Creek11385_1SFL
Alaqua Point11385_1LFL
Albert Island11430_3LFL
Albert Whitted Airport11416_3LFL
All Tides Cove11404_1SFL
Alligator Bay11430_2SFL
Alligator Bayou11391_1SFL
Alligator Bayou11392_1SFL
Alligator Bayou11390_1SFL
Alligator Cove11432_1SFL
Alligator Cove11430_2SFL
Alligator Creek11425_1SFL
Alligator Creek11393_1SFL
Alligator Creek11433_1SFL
Alligator Creek11430_2SFL
Alligator Harbor11405_1SFL
Alligator Lake11416_4SFL
Alligator Point11432_1LFL
Alligator Point11385_1LFL
Alligator Point11390_1LFL
Alligator Point11405_1LFL
Alligator Point11404_1LFL
Alligator Point11391_1LFL
Allround Point11405_1LFL
Allround Point11406_1LFL
Alpha Key11430_3LFL
Amason Creek11408_1SFL
Anclote Key11409_1LFL
Anclote Key11412_1LFL
Anclote River11409_1SFL
Anclote River11412_1SFL
Anderson Bayou11390_1SFL
Anna Maria11411_1LFL
Anna Maria11425_3LFL
Anna Maria11412_1LFL
Anna Maria Island11412_1LFL
Anna Maria Island11411_1LFL
Anna Maria Island11425_3LFL
Anna Maria Sound11425_3SFL
Apalachee Bay11405_1SFL
Apalachee Bay11406_2SFL
Apalachicola Bay11401_1SFL
Apalachicola Bay11402_1SFL
Apalachicola Bay11404_1SFL
Apalachicola River11404_1SFL
Apalachicola River11401_1SFL
Apalachicola River11402_1SFL
Apalachicola River (Bay City)11402_1SFL
Apollo Beach11416_1LFL
Archie Creek11416_1SFL
Arnica Bay11378_1SAL
Atsena Otle Key11408_1LFL
Atsena Otle Key11408_3LFL
Aucilla River11405_1SFL
Audubon Island11392_1LFL
Avocado Creek11432_1SFL
Axe Island11408_1LFL
Axe Island11408_2LFL
Axelson Point11385_4LFL
Back Bay11427_2SFL
Back Slough11402_1SFL
Bagley Cove11409_1SFL
Bahia Beach11416_1LFL
Baileys Bluff11409_1LFL
Baker Bayou11393_1SFL
Baker Point11393_1LFL
Bald Point11405_1LFL
Ballast Cove11404_1SFL
Ballast Point11416_1LFL
Barbree Island11408_2LFL
Barfield Bay11430_3SFL
Barnes Creek11430_1SFL
Barnett Creek11408_1SFL
Barrancas Channel11383_1SFL
Barrancas Channel11378_1SFL
Barron Point11378_6LAL
Barron River11430_1SFL
Barry Point11378_6LAL
Bartell Bay11430_3SFL
Basin Bayou11385_1SFL
Bathouse Island11409_1LFL
Battle Creek11409_1SFL
Bay Channel11378_1SFL
Bay Channel11383_1SFL
Bay City11402_1LFL
Bay Island11425_3LFL
Bay La Launch11378_1SAL
Bay Mouth Bar11405_1SFL
Bay Point11425_3LFL
Bay Point11385_5LFL
Bayonet Point11409_1LFL
Bayou Aloe11378_6SAL
Bayou Chico11383_1SFL
Bayou Chico11378_1SFL
Bayou Garcon11378_1SFL
Bayou George11390_1SFL
Bayou Grande11378_1SFL
Bayou Grande11383_1SFL
Bayou St John11378_1SAL
Bayou Texar11383_1SFL
Bayou Texar11378_8SFL
Bayou Texar11378_1SFL
Bayshore Gardens11425_3LFL
Bayshore Manor11427_1LFL
Beach Park11416_1LFL
Beacon Beach11389_1LFL
Beacon Beach11390_1LFL
Beacon Beach11391_1LFL
Beacon Hill11393_1LFL
Beacon Hill11389_1LFL
Beacon Key11416_1LFL
Beacon Rock11409_1SFL
Bean Point11411_1LFL
Bean Point11425_3LFL
Bear Creek11404_1SFL
Bear Creek11385_1SFL
Bear Creek11378_2SAL
Bear Island11409_1LFL
Bear Lake11433_1SFL
Bear Point11392_1LFL
Bear Point11430_3LFL
Bear Point11389_1LFL
Bear Point11378_1LAL
Bear Point11391_1LFL
Bear Point11390_1FL
Bear Point Cove11430_3SFL
Beatty Bayou11390_1SFL
Beautiful Island11427_1LFL
Bel Mar11416_1LFL
Bell Shoal11393_1SFL
Belle Meade11430_3LFL
Belleair Beach11412_1LFL
Bells Leg11385_1SFL
Ben Pilot Point11409_1LFL
Bens Lake11385_4SFL
Beta Key11430_3LFL
Betty Lou Beach11390_1LFL
Beville Point11416_1LFL
Bevukke Point11416_1LFL
Big Bay11401_1SFL
Big Bay11402_1SFL
Big Bay11404_1SFL
Big Bayou11405_1SFL
Big Bayou11401_1SFL
Big Bayou11407_1SFL
Big Bayou11416_1SFL
Big Bayou11402_1SFL
Big Bayou Point11409_1LFL
Big Bend11416_1SFL
Big Bend Channel11416_1SFL
Big Cockroach Mound11416_1LFL
Big Cove11393_1SFL
Big Cove11405_1SFL
Big Grass Island11407_1LFL
Big Hammock Point11385_1LFL
Big Island11427_1LFL
Big Island11416_1LFL
Big Island Gap11416_1SFL
Big Key11430_3LFL
Big Key11433_1LFL
Big Lagoon11383_1SFL
Big Lagoon11378_1SAL
Big Lostmans Bay11432_1SFL
Big Marco Pass11430_3SFL
Big Marco River11430_3SFL
Big McPherson Bayou11411_1SFL
Big Miguel Pass11416_1SFL
Big Morgan Island11430_3LFL
Big Panther Key11427_2LFL
Big Pass11416_1SFL
Big Pass11405_1SFL
Big Pine Island11408_1LFL
Big Sabine Point11378_1LFL
Big Sable Creek11433_1SFL
Big Sarasota Pass11425_3SFL
Big Sister Key11427_1LFL
Big Spring Creek11407_1SFL
Big Towhead Island11404_1LFL
Big Towhead Island11402_1LFL
Big Trout Creek11408_1SFL
Big West Bayou11406_1SFL
Big West Bayou11405_1SFL
Billy Creek11427_1SFL
Biltmore Beach11391_1FL
Biltmore Beach11390_1LFL
Bimini Basin11427_1SFL
Bimini Bay11411_1SFL
Bimini Bay11425_3SFL
Bird Island11409_1LFL
Bird Island11407_1LFL
Bird Island11408_1LFL
Bird Island (near Horseshoe Point)11407_1LFL
Bird Island (near Horseshoe Point)11407_2LFL
Bird Key11430_2LFL
Bird Key11425_3LFL
Bird Key11412_1LFL
Bird Key11416_1LFL
Bird Key11425_1LFL
Bird Key11432_1LFL
Bird Key11409_1LFL
Bird Key11427_2LFL
Bird Key Bight11430_2SFL
Bird Key Bight11432_1SFL
Bird Key Middle Ground11411_1SFL
Bird Key Middle Ground11416_1SFL
Bird Keys11409_1LFL
Bird Keys11425_3LFL
Bishop Bayou11425_3SFL
Bishop Creek11416_4SFL
Bishop Harbor11416_1SFL
Bishop Point11425_3LFL
Bishops Point11425_3LFL
Bivens Creek11407_1SFL
Black Creek11385_1SFL
Black Creek11409_1SFL
Black Key11427_2LFL
Black Point11385_4LFL
Black Point11409_1LFL
Black Point11408_1LFL
Black Rock11409_1LFL
Blackburn Bay11425_3SFL
Blackburn Point11425_3LFL
Blacks Island11389_1LFL
Blacks Island11393_1LFL
Blackwater Bay11385_5SFL
Blackwater River11430_4SFL
Blackwater River11385_5SFL
Blind Aligator Bayou11393_1SFL
Blind Pass11430_3SFL
Blind Pass11412_1SFL
Blind Pass11411_1SFL
Blind Pass11427_2SFL
Blind Pass11427_1SFL
Blind Pass11425_3SFL
Blounts Bay11401_1SFL
Blounts Bay11404_1SFL
Blue Bay11409_1SFL
Blue Creek11407_1SFL
Blue Hill Bay11430_3SFL
Blue Hill Creek11430_3SFL
Bluefish Rocks11409_1SFL
Boat Bayou11416_4SFL
Bob Everett Point11430_3LFL
Bob Jones Creek11402_1SFL
Bob Jones Creek11404_1SFL
Boca Ciega Bay11416_1SFL
Boca Ciega Bay11411_1SFL
Boca Grande11427_2SFL
Boca Grande11425_1LFL
Boca Grande Bayou11425_1SFL
Boca Grande Channel11425_1SFL
Boca Grande Yacht Basin11425_1SFL
Boggess Point11432_1LFL
Boggy Bay11407_1SFL
Boggy Bay11409_1SFL
Boggy Bayou11385_1SFL
Boggy Creek11407_1SFL
Boggy Creek11406_2SFL
Boggy Creek11390_1SFL
Boggy Creek11408_1SFL
Boggy Jordan Bayou11404_1SFL
Boggy Point11385_1LFL
Boiler Gap11408_1SFL
Boilers Gap11408_2SFL
Bokeelia Island11427_2LFL
Bombing Range Reef11408_1SFL
Bon Secour11378_2LAL
Bon Secour11378_3LAL
Bon Secour Bay11378_2SAL
Bon Secour Bay11378_6SAL
Bon Secour River11378_3SAL
Bon Secour River11378_2SAL
Bonne Fortune Key11411_1LFL
Bonne Fortune Key11416_1LFL
Boone Lake11378_8SFL
Booth Point11416_4LFL
Boots Point11416_1LFL
Botheration Bayou11390_1SFL
Bowlees Creek11425_3SFL
Bowlegs Point11407_1LFL
Bowman Bayou11385_1SFL
Box R Ranch11402_1LFL
Bradenton Beach11425_3LFL
Bradford Island11408_2LFL
Bradford Island11408_1LFL
Bradley Key11433_1LFL
Breakfast Point11390_1FL
Bridge Creek11378_5SFL
Britches Creek11409_1SFL
Broad Creek11432_1SFL
Broad Creek11416_1SFL
Broad River11432_1SFL
Broad River Bay11432_1SFL
Broken Islands11427_2LFL
Brown Creek11402_1SFL
Brush Island11430_4LFL
Brush Island11430_3LFL
Buccaroo Point11385_1LFL
Buccaroo Point11385_4LFL
Buck Bayou11385_1SFL
Buck Creek11425_1SFL
Buck Creek11407_1SFL
Buck Key11427_2LFL
Buckhorn Creek11405_1SFL
Buckhorn Key11409_1LFL
Buena Vista Point11389_1LFL
Buena Vista Point11390_1LFL
Buena Vista Point11391_1LFL
Bulkhead Shoal11401_1SFL
Bulkhead Shoal11404_1SFL
Bull Bay11425_1SFL
Bull Cove11407_1SFL
Bull Key11425_1LFL
Bull Point11393_1LFL
Bullfrog Creek11416_1SFL
Bumblebee Creek11408_1SFL
Bumblebee Island11408_1LFL
Bunces Pass11412_1SFL
Bunces Pass11411_1SFL
Bunche Beach11427_1LFL
Bunker Cove11385_1SFL
Bunker Cove11385_2SFL
Bunker Island11385_1LFL
Bunkers Bayou11391_1SFL
Bunkers Cove11391_1SFL
Bunkers Cove11390_1SFL
Bunkers Point11390_1LFL
Bunkers Point11389_1LFL
Buoy Key11433_1LFL
Burnt Mill Creek11390_1SFL
Burnt Point11390_1LFL
Bushstake Gap11408_1SFL
Butcher Pen Landing11402_1LFL
Butcher Pen Landing11404_1LFL
Butcherpen Cove11383_1SFL
Butcherpen Cove11378_1SFL
Butcherpen Point11378_1LFL
Butcherpen Point11383_1LFL
Butler Creek11408_1SFL
Buttonwood Bay11430_4SFL
Buttonwood Canal11433_1SFL
Buttonwood Harbor11425_3SFL
Buttonwood Keys11433_1LFL
Buzzard Key11430_2LFL
Buzzard Point11409_1LFL
Cabbage Bay11432_1SFL
Cabbage Creek11416_1SFL
Cabbage Creek11405_1SFL
Cabbage Island11432_1LFL
Cabbage Key11427_2LFL
Cabbage Key11411_1LFL
Cabbage Top11401_1LFL
Cabbage Top11402_1LFL
Cabbagehead Bayou11416_4SFL
Cabell Point11405_1LFL
Caladesi Island11412_1LFL
Calhoun Channel11430_3SFL
California Bayou11393_1SFL
California Bayou11390_1SFL
California Swamp11408_1LFL
Callaway Bayou11390_1SFL
Caloosahatchee River11427_1SFL
Camp Creek11409_1SFL
Camp Key11416_1LFL
Camp Lonesome Mound11432_1LFL
Camp Lulu Key11430_1LFL
Campbell Point11404_1LFL
Cannon Bay11430_2SFL
Cannon Channel11430_3SFL
Cannon Island11430_3LFL
Cannonball Point11404_1LFL
Cape Coral11427_1LFL
Cape Haze11425_1LFL
Cape Romano11430_3LFL
Cape Romano Island11430_3LFL
Cape Romano Shoals11430_3SFL
Cape Sable11433_1LFL
Cape San Blas11401_1LFL
Cape San Blas11402_1LFL
Cape San Blas11389_1LFL
Cape San Blas Shoals11401_1SFL
Cape San Blas Shoals11402_1SFL
Cape St George11401_1LFL
Cape St George11402_1LFL
Cape St George Shoal11401_1SFL
Capri Isle11411_1LFL
Capri Pass11430_3SFL
Captain Joe Island11408_1LFL
Captiva Pass11427_2SFL
Captiva Shoal11427_2SFL
Carr Island11430_3LFL
Carrabelle Beach11401_1LFL
Carrabelle Beach11404_1LFL
Carrabelle Beach11405_1LFL
Carrabelle River11405_1SFL
Carrabelle River11404_1SFL
Carrin Bayou11404_1SFL
Casey Key11425_3LFL
Casey Key11425_2LFL
Casey Thorofare11425_3SFL
Cash Bayou11401_1SFL
Cash Bayou11404_1SFL
Cash Creek11404_1SFL
Cash Point11404_1LFL
Cat Island11408_2LFL
Cat Island11378_6LAL
Cat Island11408_1LFL
Cat Key11427_2LFL
Cat Point11404_1LFL
Catfish Basin11385_5SFL
Catfish Creek11425_1SFL
Catfish Key11433_1LFL
Catfish Point11416_1LFL
Catfish Point11425_1LFL
Cats Point11411_1LFL
Cattle Dock Point11427_1LFL
Caucus Channel11378_1SFL
Caucus Channel11383_1SFL
Caucus Shoal11383_1SFL
Caucus Shoal11378_1SFL
Caxambas Bay11430_3SFL
Caxambas Pass11430_3SFL
Cayo Costa11425_1LFL
Cayo Costa11427_2LFL
Cayo Pelau11425_1LFL
Cedar Creek11408_1SFL
Cedar Creek11402_1SFL
Cedar Grove11378_6LAL
Cedar Hammock11390_1LFL
Cedar Island11407_1LFL
Cedar Island11409_1LFL
Cedar Key11408_3LFL
Cedar Key11408_1LFL
Cedar Keys11408_1LFL
Cedar Keys11408_3LFL
Cedar Point11390_1LFL
Cedar Point11378_6LAL
Cedar Point11425_1LFL
Cedar Point11404_1LFL
Cedar Point11416_1LFL
Cedar Pointq11409_1LFL
Cedat Grove11378_2LAL
Centennial Park11425_3LFL
Centipede Bay11409_1SFL
Central Yacht Basin11416_3SFL
Chadwick Bayou11427_2SFL
Chagrin Point11378_5LAL
Chambers Island11408_1LFL
Champlain Bayou11416_1SFL
Charity Island11430_3LFL
Charles Creek11405_1SFL
Charley Creek11430_2SFL
Charlotte Harbor11425_1SFL
Charlotte Harbor11427_2SFL
Chassahowitzka Bay11409_1SFL
Chassahowitzka Point11409_1LFL
Chassahowitzka Reefs11409_1SFL
Chassahowitzka River11409_1SFL
Chassahowitzka Swamp11409_1LFL
Chatham Bend11430_2SFL
Chatham Bend11430_1SFL
Chatham River11430_2SFL
Chatham River11430_1SFL
Chevelier Bay11430_1SFL
Chevelier Bay11430_2SFL
Chevelier Point11430_1LFL
Chevelier Point11430_2LFL
Chimney Cove11385_4SFL
Chino Island11427_1LFL
Chino Island11427_2LFL
Chipley Creek11404_1SFL
Chipley Creek11401_1SFL
Chipley Creek11402_1SFL
Chipley Lake11402_1SFL
Chipley Lake11404_1SFL
Choctawhatchee Bay11385_1SFL
Choctawhatchee Bay11385_4SFL
Choctawhatchee Bay Entrance11388_1SFL
Choctawhatchee River11385_1SFL
Chokolskee Bay11430_1SFL
Chokolskee Pass11430_1SFL
Christian Point11433_1LFL
Chubb Creek11409_1SFL
Chugae Point11378_6LAL
Chula Vista Bayou11385_4SFL
Churchill Bayou11385_1SFL
Ciega Bay11416_1SFL
Cinco Bayou11385_4SFL
Clam Bay11430_3SFL
Clam Bayou11411_1SFL
Clam Bayou11416_1SFL
Clam Bayou11427_1SFL
Clam Bayou11427_2SFL
Clam Pass11430_5SFL
Clam Point11430_2LFL
Clambar Bay11412_1SFL
Clambar Bay11416_1SFL
Clark Creek11402_1SFL
Clark Creek11408_1SFL
Clark Islands11408_1LFL
Clay Creek11407_1SFL
Clay Cut11393_1SFL
Clearwater Beach11411_1LFL
Clearwater Beach Island11412_1LFL
Clearwater Harbor11411_1SFL
Clearwater Pass11411_1SFL
Clearwater Pass11412_1SFL
Clive Key11433_1LFL
Clubhouse Beach11433_1LFL
Cobb Rocks11405_1SFL
Cobbs Point11385_4LFL
Cobbs Point11385_1LFL
Cockroach Bay11416_1SFL
Cocohatchee River11430_5SFL
Coconut Island11430_3LFL
Coffee Pot Point11393_1LFL
Coffeepot Bayou11412_1SFL
Collier Bay11430_3SFL
Columbus Bayou11402_1SFL
Colvalia Key11409_1LFL
Comer Key11430_1LFL
Compass Point11408_1LFL
Conception Key11411_1LFL
Conception Key11416_1LFL
Conch Island11393_1LFL
Conch Key11411_1LFL
Conchie Channel11433_1SFL
Conferate Pass11378_6SAL
Connie Mack Island11427_1LFL
Cooglers Beach11409_1LFL
Coon Bottom Bar11406_2SFL
Coon Gap11409_1SFL
Coon Hammock Creek11416_1SFL
Coon Key11425_1LFL
Coon Key11427_2LFL
Coon Key11430_3LFL
Coon Key11430_4LFL
Coon Key11425_3LFL
Coon Key Light11430_3SFL
Coon Key Light11430_4SFL
Coon Key Pass11430_3SFL
Coon Key Pass11430_4SFL
Coon Point11390_1FL
Cooper Bayou11416_4SFL
Cooper Bayou11416_1SFL
Cooper Point11416_1LFL
Cooper Point11416_4LFL
Coot Bay11433_1SFL
Coot Bay Pond11433_1SFL
Coquina Key11416_1LFL
Coquina Key11412_1LFL
Coral Cove11425_3LFL
Coral Creek11425_1SFL
Cork Island11427_2LFL
Cork Key11427_2LFL
Cormorant Key11433_1LFL
Cormorant Pass11432_1SFL
Cormorant Pass11433_1SFL
Corrigan Reef11408_3SFL
Corrigan Reef11408_1SFL
Cotton Bayou11378_1SAL
Cotton Island11407_1LFL
Cotton Island11408_1LFL
County Line Landing11385_3LFL
Courtney Point11390_1LFL
Courtney Point11389_1LFL
Courtney Point11391_1LFL
Cove Key11427_2LFL
Cow and Calf Key11416_1LFL
Cow Creek11409_1SFL
Cow Creek11407_1SFL
Cow Creek11405_1SFL
Cow Creek11408_1SFL
Cow Key11409_1LFL
Crab Key Bight11430_2SFL
Crab Key Bight11430_1SFL
Cranes Bayou11425_3SFL
Crate Key11430_1LFL
Crawford Creek11409_1SFL
Crawl Key11409_1LFL
Creels Side Camp11404_1FL
Critical Bayou11416_1SFL
Crocodile Point11433_1LFL
Crooked Creek11407_1SFL
Crooked Creek11430_1SFL
Crooked Creek11390_1SFL
Crooked Island11393_1LFL
Crooked Island11389_1LFL
Crooked Point11407_1LFL
Crooked River11405_1SFL
Cross Bayou11409_1SFL
Cross Bayou11411_1SFL
Cross Bays11430_1SFL
Cross Florida Greenway11408_1SFL
Crystal Bay11408_1SFL
Crystal Bay11409_1SFL
Crystal Beach11412_1LFL
Crystal Island11411_1LFL
Crystal Reef11408_1SFL
Crystal Reefs11409_1SFL
Crystal River11408_1SFL
Crystal River11409_1SFL
Crystal River (land)11409_1LFL
Culbreath Bayou11416_1SFL
Cummings Point11378_5LFL
Curlew Key11433_1LFL
Curry Creek11425_2SFL
Curry Key11433_1LFL
Currys Island11430_3LFL
Custer Bayou11416_1SFL
Cuthbert Lake11433_1SFL
Cypress Creek11393_1SFL
Cypress River11385_1SFL
Dads Bay11430_2SFL
Dallus Creek11407_1SFL
Dallus Creek Landing11407_1LFL
Dan May Creek11408_1SFL
Daneman Point11412_1LFL
Dark Island11407_1LFL
Darling Key11427_2LFL
Daughtry Bayou11408_1SFL
Daughtry Bayou11408_3SFL
Dauphin Island11378_7LAL
Dauphin Island11378_6LAL
Dauphin Island Spit11378_6SAL
Dauphin Island Spit11378_7SAL
Daupin Island Bay11378_6SAL
Dave Foy Bank11433_1SFL
Davenport Bayou11378_1SFL
Davenport Bayou11383_1SFL
David Key11430_3LFL
Davis Island11404_2LFL
Davis Islands11416_1LFL
Davis Islands11416_2LFL
Davis Point11390_1LFL
Davis Point11391_1LFL
Davis Point11393_1LFL
Davis Point11389_1LFL
Days Creek11407_1SFL
De Soto Point11425_3LFL
Dead River11405_1SFL
Deadman Bay11407_1SFL
Deadman Slough11402_1SFL
Deadmans Channel11408_3SFL
Deep Creek11409_1SFL
Deep Creek11405_1SFL
Deep Creek11408_1SFL
Deer Island11430_2LFL
Deer Island Creek11430_2SFL
Deer Island Creek11430_1SFL
Deer Point11383_1LFL
Deer Point11378_1LFL
Deer Point11393_1LFL
Deer Point11390_1LFL
Dekle Beach11407_1LFL
Delaney Creek11416_2SFL
Demere Key11427_2LFL
Demijohn Key11430_1LFL
Demory Creek11408_1SFL
Demory Gap11408_1SFL
Demory Gap11409_1SFL
Denham Bayou11406_2SFL
Denham Bayou11405_1SFL
Dennis Creek11408_1SFL
Depot Creek11402_1SFL
Depot Creek11393_1SFL
Derelict Key11433_1LFL
Derrick Key Gap11408_1SFL
Destin Harbor11385_4SFL
Devilfish Key11425_1LFL
Devils Elbow11406_2SFL
Devils Elbow11416_1SFL
Devils Point11378_8LFL
Devils Rock Yard11409_1SFL
Dick Creek11416_4SFL
Dickerman Cut11404_1SFL
Dickerson Bay11405_1SFL
Dickmans Island11430_3LFL
Dickmans Point11430_3LFL
Dildo Key Bank11433_1LFL
Dinken Bayou11427_2SFL
Dinkin Bayou11427_1SFL
Dinner Point11409_1LFL
Dismal Key11430_4LFL
Dismal Key Pass11430_4SFL
Dixie Bar11378_7SAL
Dixie Bay11409_1SFL
Doctors Pass11430_3SFL
Doctors Pass11430_5SFL
Dog Island11404_1LFL
Dog Island11405_1LFL
Dog Island11408_3LFL
Dog Island Reef11405_1SFL
Dog Key11430_1LFL
Doghead Gap11409_1SFL
Doghead Gap11408_1SFL
Dollar Bay11430_3SFL
Don Pedro Island11425_1LFL
Dona Bay11425_2SFL
Dona Bay11425_1SFL
Donalson Point11390_1LFL
Donalson Point11391_1LFL
Dons Bayou11385_4SFL
Doorshutter Creek11409_1SFL
Double Bayou11402_1SFL
Double Bayou11416_4SFL
Double Bayou Pass11416_1SFL
Double Branch11416_4SFL
Double Branch Bay11416_4SFL
Double Hammock Creek11409_1SFL
Double Point11378_5LFL
Doyle Bayou11390_1SFL
Doyle Creek11404_1SFL
Doyle Point11390_1LFL
Drum Island11409_1LFL
Drum Island11408_1LFL
Drum Key11409_1LFL
Drum Point11408_1LFL
Drum Point11407_1LFL
Dry Bar11402_1SFL
Dry Creek11408_1SFL
Dryman Bay11425_3SFL
Duck Lake11385_1SFL
Duck Rock11430_1LFL
Duck Rock Cove11430_1SFL
Duer Channel11405_1SFL
Dug Creek11416_1SFL
Dump Keys11433_1LFL
Dunedin Pass11412_1SFL
Dupont Bridge11391_1SFL
DuPont Point11378_1LFL
Durney Key11409_1LFL
Dutchman Key11412_1LFL
Dutchman Key11409_1LFL
Dyers Point11390_1LFL
Dyers Point11392_1FL
Dyers Point11391_1LFL
Eagle Harbor11393_1SFL
Eagle Harbor11401_1SFL
Eagle Harbor11389_1SFL
Eagle Nest11427_1SFL
Eagle Nest Bayou11393_1SFL
Eaglenest Creek11407_1SFL
East Bank11408_3SFL
East Bank11401_1SFL
East Bank11378_1SFL
East Bank11402_1SFL
East Bank11383_1SFL
East Bay11390_1SFL
East Bay11393_1SFL
East Bay11378_1SFL
East Bay11383_1SFL
East Bay11416_2SFL
East Bay11416_1SFL
East Bay11391_1SFL
East Bay11385_5SFL
East Bay11401_1SFL
East Bay11404_1SFL
East Bay11385_4SFL
East Bay Channel11416_2SFL
East Bay River11385_4SFL
East Bayou11404_1SFL
East Bayou11401_1SFL
East Cape11433_1LFL
East Cape Canal11433_1SFL
East Channel11383_1SFL
East Channel11378_1SFL
East Cove11404_1SFL
East Cove11401_1SFL
East Dock11392_1LFL
East Fort Myers11427_1LFL
East Naples11430_3LFL
East Pass11401_1SFL
East Pass11404_1SFL
East Pass11408_1SFL
East Pass11405_1SFL
East Pelican Reef11404_1SFL
East Pensacola Heights11383_1LFL
East Point11404_1LFL
East Point11401_1LFL
East River11406_2SFL
East River11405_1SFL
East River11402_1SFL
East River11430_1SFL
East River11378_8SFL
East River11401_1SFL
East River11404_1SFL
East River Cutoff11402_1SFL
East Slough11404_1SFL
East Tampa11416_1LFL
Econfina Landing11405_1LFL
Econfina River11405_1SFL
Edgewater Gulf Beach11389_1LFL
Edgewater Gulf Beach11390_1LFL
Edith Hammock11378_6LAL
Eglin Village11385_4LFL
Egmont Channel11412_1SFL
Egmont Channel11411_1SFL
Egmont Key11411_1LFL
Egmont Key11412_1LFL
Egmont Key Light11411_1LFL
Egmont Key Light11412_1LFL
Eleven Prong11408_1SFL
Elevenmile Creek11378_5SFL
Emanuel Point11378_1LFL
Emanuel Point11383_1LFL
Emanuel Point11378_8LFL
Emerson Bayou11425_3SFL
Emerson Bayou11416_1SFL
Emerson Point11416_1LFL
Emerson Point11412_1LFL
Emerson Point11425_3LFL
Emmons Bayou11390_1SFL
End Key11433_1LFL
Englewood Beach11425_1LFL
English Bars11408_1LFL
English Bars11409_1SFL
English Navy Cove11378_1SFL
English Navy Cove11383_1SFL
Escambia Bay11383_1SFL
Escambia Bay11378_1SFL
Escambia Bay11378_8SFL
Escambia River11378_8SFL
Escribano Point11385_5LFL
Everglades City11430_1LFL
Ewing Bayou11378_6SAL
Fair Point11378_1LFL
Fair Point11383_1LFL
Faka Union Bay11430_1SFL
Faka Union Bay11430_4SFL
Faka Union Canal11430_4SFL
Faka Union River11430_4SFL
Faka Union River11430_1SFL
Fakahatchee Bay11430_1SFL
Fakahatchee Bay11430_4SFL
Fakahatchee Pass11430_1SFL
Fakahatchee Pass11430_4SFL
Fakahatchee River11430_1SFL
False Channel11409_1SFL
Fannin Bayou11390_1SFL
Fanny Lake11402_1SFL
Farmdale Bayou11393_1SFL
Fenholloway River11407_1SFL
Ferguson Bay11430_1SFL
Ferguson River11430_1SFL
Ferry Pass Bayou11378_8SFL
Ferry Point11390_1LFL
Ferry Point11389_1LFL
Ferry Point11391_1LFL
Fiddlers Point11409_1LFL
Fillman Bayou11409_1SFL
Fillmans Creek11409_1SFL
First Bay11430_2SFL
First Bay11432_1SFL
First National Bank11433_1LFL
First Point11409_1LFL
Fish Creek11409_1SFL
Fish Creek11407_1SFL
Fish Creek Bay11409_1SFL
Fish Creek Pass11409_1SFL
Fish Hospital11409_1LFL
Fishbone Creek11408_1SFL
Fisherman Key11427_1LFL
Fishermans Point11378_8LFL
Fishermans Rest11407_1LFL
Fishery Point11425_3LFL
Fishing Bend11383_1SFL
Fishing Bend11378_1SFL
Flag Island11402_1LFL
Flamingo (Ranger Station)11433_1LFL
Fletcher Point11416_1LFL
Fletcher Point11412_1LFL
Florida Beach11390_1LFL
Florida Beach11389_1LFL
Florida Point11378_1LAL
Flounder Pass11416_1SFL
Fluffy Landing11385_1LFL
Folly Bar11406_2SFL
Forked Creek11425_1SFL
Fort De Soto11411_1LFL
Fort Gaines11378_6LAL
Fort Gaines11378_7LAL
Fort Island11409_1LFL
Fort Island11408_1LFL
Fort McRee11378_1LFL
Fort Morgan11378_6LAL
Fort Morgan11378_7LAL
Fort Myers11427_1LFL
Fort Pickens11378_1LFL
Fort Pickens11383_1LFL
Fort Walton Beach11385_4LFL
Forty Acre Bay11427_2SFL
Foster Bay11427_2SFL
Foster Bayou11427_2SFL
Foster Point11427_2LFL
Four Brothers Key11430_4LFL
Four Mile Creek11406_2SFL
Four Mile Point11405_1LFL
Four Mile Point11406_2LFL
Four Mile Point11406_1LFL
Fourmile Cove11427_1SFL
Fourmile Creek11385_1SFL
Fourmile Point11427_1LFL
Fourmile Point11385_1LFL
Fowl River Bay11378_6SAL
Fowlers Bluff11408_1LFL
Fox Hammocks11378_1LAL
Fox Lakes11433_1SFL
Fred Bayou11390_1SFL
Fred Bayou11391_1SFL
Fred Key11430_3LFL
Frenchman Creek11416_1SFL
Frenchman Creek11411_1SFL
Freshwater Bayou11390_1SFL
Freshwater Bayou11391_1SFL
Freshwater Bayou11389_1SFL
Frog Creek11416_1SFL
Fuller Creek11408_1SFL
Gadsden Point11416_1LFL
Gait Island11427_2LFL
Galt Island11427_1LFL
Gamble Point11405_1LFL
Game Creek11409_1SFL
Game Creek Bay11409_1SFL
Gap Point11401_1LFL
Gap Point11404_1LFL
Garcon Point11378_1LFL
Garcon Point11385_4LFL
Garcon Point11383_1LFL
Garcon Point11378_8LFL
Gardenville Beach11416_1LFL
Gardner Canal11385_1SFL
Gardner Landing11404_1LFL
Garfield Bight11433_1SFL
Garnier Bayou11385_4SFL
Garrison Channel11416_1SFL
Garrison Channel11416_2SFL
Gaskin Bay11430_1SFL
Gasparilla Island11425_1LFL
Gasparilla Pass11425_1SFL
Gasparilla Sound11425_1SFL
Gate Bay11430_1SFL
Gator Bay11430_4SFL
Gator Creek11409_1SFL
Gator Lake11433_1SFL
Geiner Bayou11390_1SFL
Georgia Fruit Farm Creek11430_3SFL
Ghost Creek11409_1SFL
Giger Creek11408_1SFL
Gill Tattle Creek11430_4SFL
Glover Bight11427_1SFL
Goat Island11416_1LFL
Golden Gate Point11425_3LFL
Gomez Point11430_4LFL
Gomez Point11430_1LFL
Gomez Rocks11409_1SFL
Gonzales Lake11378_8SFL
Goodland Bay11430_3SFL
Goodson Island11408_2LFL
Goose Creek11408_1SFL
Goose Creek Bay11405_1SFL
Goose Island11404_1LFL
Goose Point11393_1LFL
Goose Point11385_3LFL
Goose Point11390_1FL
Goose Point (East Bay)11390_1LFL
Gopher Key11430_2LFL
Gopher Key Bay11430_2SFL
Gopher Key Creek11430_2SFL
Gordon Pass11430_3SFL
Gordon River11430_3SFL
Gottfried Creek11425_1SFL
Government Cut11402_1SFL
Government Cut11404_1SFL
Government Cut11401_1SFL
Graham Bayou11378_1SAL
Graham Bayou11378_4SAL
Grand Lagoon11390_1SFL
Grand Lagoon11391_1SFL
Grand Lagoon Channel11391_1SFL
Grants Pass11378_6SAL
Grass Island Bar11406_2SFL
Grass Lake11385_1SFL
Grassy Bay11430_3SFL
Grassy Cove11385_1SFL
Grassy Creek11416_1SFL
Grassy Creek11402_1SFL
Grassy Island11407_2LFL
Grassy Key11408_1LFL
Grassy Key11408_3LFL
Grassy Point11378_5LAL
Grassy Point11416_1LFL
Graveline Bay11378_6SAL
Graveyard Creek11432_1SFL
Graveyard Creek11433_1SFL
Grayton Beach11388_1LFL
Graze Point11390_1LFL
Green Key11416_1LFL
Green Key11409_1LFL
Green Point11404_1LFL
Green Point11405_1LFL
Green Point11401_1LFL
Green Point11402_1LFL
Greenleaf Bay11409_1SFL
Grey Mare Rock11405_1SFL
Grove City11425_1LFL
Gude Branch11393_1SFL
Gulf Breeze11378_1LFL
Gulf Canal to Intracoastal Waterway11389_1SFL
Gulf CIty11416_1LFL
Gulf County Canal11393_1SFL
Gulf Harbors11409_1SFL
Gulf Islands National Seashore11383_1LFL
Gulf of Mexico11433_1SFL
Gulf Resort Beach11389_1LFL
Gulf Resort Beach11390_1LFL
Gulf Shores11378_2LAL
Gulfport Middle Ground11411_1SFL
Gull Island11405_1LFL
Gull Point11378_8LFL
Gullivan Bay11430_4SFL
Gullivan Bay11430_3SFL
Gullivan Key11430_4LFL
Gun Brook11416_1SFL
Gun Point Key11409_1LFL
Gustaf Bay11409_1SFL
Hagens Cove11407_1SFL
Halfmoon Reef11408_1SFL
Halfway Creek11430_1SFL
Hall Bay11430_3SFL
Halloway Bayou11427_1SFL
Halloway Bayou11427_2SFL
Halloway Island11430_3LFL
Halls River11409_1SFL
Hammock Creek11409_1SFL
Hammock Point11385_1LFL
Hammock Point11409_1LFL
Hancock Creek11427_1SFL
Hand Cove11385_4SFL
Hansen Bayou11425_3SFL
Harbor Channel11383_1SFL
Harbor Key11412_1LFL
Harbor Key11416_1LFL
Harbour Island11416_1LFL
Harbour Island11416_2LFL
Hardworking Bayou11427_1SFL
Hardworking Bayou11427_2SFL
Hardy Point11407_1LFL
Harney Point11427_1LFL
Harney River11432_1SFL
Harney River (Wilderness Waterway)11432_1SFL
Harney River Chickee11432_1LFL
Harris Creek11408_2SFL
Harris Island11408_2LFL
Harrison Bayou11390_1SFL
Harrison Swamp11393_1LFL
Hart Creek11411_1SFL
Hart Creek11416_1SFL
Hatchet Point11378_1LAL
Hatchett Creek11425_2SFL
Haulover Creek11409_1SFL
Haven Point11390_1LFL
Head Creek11409_1SFL
Hedemon Reef11408_1SFL
Helen Key11430_3LFL
Hell Gate11427_1SFL
Hells Bay11433_1SFL
Hells Half Acre11416_1SFL
Hells Half Acre11430_1LFL
Hemp Key11427_2LFL
Henderson Creek11430_3SFL
Henry Lake11433_1SFL
Hernandez Point11378_8LFL
Hernandez Point11383_1LFL
Hernando Beach11409_1LFL
Hero Bayou11378_6SAL
Hero Lagoon11425_3SFL
Heron Bay11378_6SAL
Heron Bayou11378_6SAL
Heron Island11411_1LFL
Hewett Bayou11385_1SFL
Higgenbotham Creek11409_1SFL
Higgins Shoal11401_1SFL
High Point11390_1LFL
High Point11416_1LFL
Highland Beach11432_1LFL
Highland City11390_1LFL
Highland Point11432_1LFL
Highland View11393_1LFL
Hillsborough Bay11416_1SFL
Hillsborough River11416_2SFL
Hillsborough River11416_1SFL
Hobbs Still11390_1SFL
Hodges Bayou11390_1SFL
Hodges Island11408_1LFL
Hog Island11408_2LFL
Hog Island11408_1LFL
Hog Key11430_4LFL
Hog Key11432_1LFL
Hog Key11430_2LFL
Hogtown Bayou11385_1SFL
Holley Point11385_4LFL
Homestead Canal11433_1SFL
Homosassa Bay11409_1SFL
Homosassa Point11409_1LFL
Homosassa River11409_1SFL
Honeymoon Island11412_1LFL
Hookers Point11416_1LFL
Hookers Point11416_2LFL
Hope Bayou11409_1SFL
Horrs Island11430_3LFL
Horse and Chaise Point11425_1LFL
Horse Island11409_1LFL
Horseshoe Bayou11393_1SFL
Horseshoe Bayou11385_1SFL
Horseshoe Beach11407_1LFL
Horseshoe Beach11407_2LFL
Horseshoe Cove11402_1SFL
Horseshoe Cove11401_1SFL
Horseshoe Cove11408_1SFL
Horseshoe Creek11393_1SFL
Horseshoe Key11416_1LFL
Horseshoe Point11407_1LFL
Horseshoe Point11408_1LFL
House Ditch11433_1SFL
House Hammock Bay11430_1SFL
Howard Creek11407_1SFL
Howell Place11407_1LFL
Huckleberry Landing11401_1LFL
Huckleberry Landing11402_1LFL
Hudson Bayou11425_3SFL
Hudson Creek11409_1SFL
Hungry Point11405_1LFL
Hurddles Creek11430_1SFL
Hurricane Harbor11430_3SFL
Hurricane Pass11412_1SFL
Hurricane Pass11430_3SFL
Huston Bay11430_1SFL
Huston Coves11430_1SFL
Huston River11430_1SFL
Indian Bay11378_6SAL
Indian Bay11409_1SFL
Indian Bayou11385_1SFL
Indian Bayou11393_1SFL
Indian Bayou11378_8SFL
Indian Bayou11402_1SFL
Indian Beach11425_3LFL
Indian Camp Creek11432_1SFL
Indian Island11385_1LFL
Indian Key11430_1LFL
Indian Key11411_1LFL
Indian Key11416_1LFL
Indian Key11409_1LFL
Indian Key11412_1LFL
Indian Key Pass11430_1SFL
Indian Key Pass (Near Russell Key)11430_1SFL
Indian Lagoon11401_1SFL
Indian Lagoon11402_1SFL
Indian Mound11416_4LFL
Indian Pass11402_1SFL
Indian Pass11401_1SFL
Indian Pass11406_2SFL
Indian Peninsula11402_1LFL
Indian Peninsula11401_1LFL
Indian Point11406_2LFL
Indian Point11405_1LFL
Indian River11385_1SFL
Indian Rocks Beach11412_1LFL
Indian Rocks Beach11411_1LFL
Indian Shores11411_1LFL
Inerarity Point11378_1LFL
Ingram Bayou11378_1SAL
Ingrams Creek11402_1SFL
Inner Clam Bay11430_5SFL
Interbay Peninsula11416_1LFL
Intracoastal Waterway (Apalachicola Bay)11404_1SFL
Intracoastal Waterway (Apalachicola Bay)11402_1SFL
Intracoastal Waterway (Big Lagoon)11378_1SFL
Intracoastal Waterway (Big lagoon)11383_1SFL
Intracoastal Waterway (Bon Secour Bay)11378_2SAL
Intracoastal Waterway (Bon Secour Bay)11378_6SAL
Intracoastal Waterway (Charlotte Harbor)11425_1SFL
Intracoastal Waterway (Choctawhatchee Bay)11385_4SFL
Intracoastal Waterway (Destin)11385_1SFL
Intracoastal Waterway (Gasparilla Sound)11425_1SFL
Intracoastal Waterway (inland from Point Washington)11385_2SFL
Intracoastal Waterway (Isle of Palms)11411_1SFL
Intracoastal Waterway (Laird)11385_3SFL
Intracoastal Waterway (Lake Wimico)11402_1SFL
Intracoastal Waterway (Lake Wimico)11393_1SFL
Intracoastal Waterway (Live Oak Point)11385_1SFL
Intracoastal Waterway (Mobile Bay)11378_6SAL
Intracoastal Waterway (Pine Island Sound)11427_2SFL
Intracoastal Waterway (Portage Creek)11378_2SAL
Intracoastal Waterway (San Carlos Bay)11427_1SFL
Intracoastal Waterway (Santa Rosa Sound)11385_4SFL
Intracoastal Waterway (Santa Rosa Sound)11378_1SFL
Intracoastal Waterway (Sarasota Bay)11425_3SFL
Intracoastal Waterway (Searcy Creek)11393_1SFL
Intracoastal Waterway (St George Sound)11404_1SFL
Intracoastal Waterway (St Joseph Sound)11412_1SFL
Intracoastal Waterway (Tampa Bay)11411_1SFL
Intracoastal Waterway (Tampa Bay)11425_3SFL
Intracoastal Waterway (Venice)11425_2SFL
Intracoastal Waterway (Venice)11425_1SFL
Intracoastal Waterway (West Bay)11390_1SFL
Intracoastal Waterway (Wetappo Creek, South Prong)11393_1SFL
Intracoastal Waterway (Wolf Bay)11378_1SAL
Iona Cove11427_1SFL
Iona Point11427_1LFL
Isla del Sol11411_1LFL
Isle of Palms11411_1LFL
Isles of Capri11430_3LFL
Jack Creek11407_1SFL
Jack Daniels Key11430_1LFL
Jack Lee Island11407_1LFL
Jack Point11425_1LFL
Jackass Key11411_1LFL
Jacks Sandbar11408_1LFL
Jackson River11402_1SFL
Jackson River11401_1SFL
Jenkins Creek11409_1SFL
Jenkins Key11430_1LFL
Jewell Key11430_1LFL
Jim Foot Key11433_1LFL
Jim Lee Creek11408_1SFL
Joe Bay11416_1SFL
Joe Island11416_1LFL
Joe Kemp Channel11433_1SFL
Joe Kemp Key11430_1LFL
Joe Kemp Key11433_1LFL
Joe Lamb Branch11393_1SFL
Joe River11433_1SFL
Joes Bayou11385_4SFL
Joes Bayou11385_1SFL
John Bayou11385_1SFL
John Brook11416_1SFL
John Gorrie Memorial Bridge11402_1SFL
John Gorrie Memorial Bridge11401_1SFL
John Gorrie Memorial Bridge11404_1SFL
Johns Creek11408_1SFL
Johns Island11405_1LFL
Johns Island11409_1LFL
Johns Pass11412_1SFL
Johns Pass11411_1SFL
Johnson Bay11430_3SFL
Johnson Bayou11390_1SFL
Johnson Bayou11391_1SFL
Johnson Cove11378_1SAL
Johnson Creek11408_1SFL
Johnson Creek11409_1SFL
Johnson Creek11402_1SFL
Johnson Island11430_3LFL
Johnson Shoals11425_1SFL
Johnson Shoals11427_2SFL
Johnson Slough11402_1SFL
Jolly Bay11385_1SFL
Jones Bar11406_2SFL
Jones Bayou11385_1SFL
Jones Creek11408_1SFL
Jones Point11378_1LFL
Josslyn Island11427_2LFL
Jug Creek11427_2SFL
Jug Creek Shoal11427_2SFL
Jug Island11407_1LFL
Jungle Bay11430_1SFL
Jungle Bay11430_2SFL
Keaton Beach11407_1LFL
Kees Bayou11378_1SFL
Keewaydin Island11430_3LFL
Kelly Creek11408_1SFL
Kelly Creek Point11408_1LFL
Kesson Bayou11427_1SFL
Key McLaughlin11430_2LFL
Key McLaughlin11432_1LFL
Key Royale Bar11425_3SFL
Key Royale Bar11411_1SFL
Kice Island11430_3LFL
Kings Bay11409_1SFL
Kings Creek11409_1SFL
Kings Creek11408_1SFL
Kingston Key11430_1LFL
Kitchel Key11427_1LFL
Knapps Point11427_1LFL
Knight Island11425_1LFL
Knight Pass11425_1SFL
La Grange Bayou11385_1SFL
Lacosta Island11425_1LFL
Lady Island11378_6LAL
Ladyfinger Lake11427_1SFL
Lafitte Bay11378_6SAL
Laguna Beach11388_1LFL
Laguna Beach11389_1LFL
Laird Bayou11390_1SFL
Laird Point11390_1LFL
Lake Caroline11391_1SFL
Lake Caroline11389_1SFL
Lake Claire11391_1SFL
Lake Claire11390_1SFL
Lake Clyde11385_4SFL
Lake Earl11385_4SFL
Lake Ellen11405_1SFL
Lake Huntington11390_1SFL
Lake Huntington11391_1SFL
Lake Ingraham11433_1SFL
Lake Maggiore11416_1SFL
Lake Martin11390_1SFL
Lake Martin11391_1SFL
Lake Seminole11411_1SFL
Lake Van Vac11390_1SFL
Lake Van Vac11391_1SFL
Lake Ware11391_1SFL
Lake Ware11390_1SFL
Lake Wimico11401_1SFL
Lake Wimico11393_1SFL
Lake Wimico11402_1SFL
Lanark Reef11405_1SFL
Lanark Village11405_1LFL
Lands End11389_1LFL
Lands End11391_1FL
Lane Bay11433_1SFL
Lane Cove11430_1SFL
Lane River11433_1SFL
Langley Point11378_1LFL
Langley Point11383_1LFL
Lard Can11433_1LFL
Last Huston Bay11430_1SFL
Last Huston Bay11430_2SFL
Lathrop Bayou11393_1SFL
Lathrop Point11393_1LFL
Lazy Island11407_1LFL
Leaches Key11425_1LFL
Left Hand Turner River11430_1SFL
Lemon Bay11425_1SFL
Lemon Creek11425_1SFL
Leon Hamilton Place11430_2LFL
Levy Bay11405_1SFL
Lido Key11425_3LFL
Lighter Bay11430_3SFL
Lighter Bayou11409_1SFL
Lighthouse Bay11393_1SFL
Lighthouse Point11405_1LFL
Listen Key11411_1LFL
Little Bay11404_1SFL
Little Bay11401_1SFL
Little Bay11402_1SFL
Little Bayou11416_1SFL
Little Bokeelia Bay11427_2SFL
Little Bokeelia Island11427_2LFL
Little Bradford Island11408_1LFL
Little Bradford Island11408_2LFL
Little Cape Haze11425_1LFL
Little Cedar Bayou11390_1SFL
Little Cedar Bayou11393_1SFL
Little Cockroach Bay11416_1SFL
Little Cockroach Island11416_1LFL
Little Creek11432_1SFL
Little Dauphin Island11378_6LAL
Little Double Bayou11402_1SFL
Little Gasparilla Island11425_1LFL
Little Gasparilla Pass11425_1SFL
Little Gator Creek11409_1SFL
Little Grassy Bay11430_3SFL
Little Henry Lake11433_1SFL
Little Homosassa River11409_1SFL
Little Huckleberry Creek11402_1SFL
Little Manatee River11416_1SFL
Little Manatee River11412_1SFL
Little Marco Island11430_3LFL
Little Marco Pass11430_3SFL
Little Miguel Pass11416_1SFL
Little Oyster Bar Point11390_1LFL
Little Oyster Bar Point11393_1LFL
Little Pavilion Key11430_1LFL
Little Pine Island11409_1LFL
Little Pine Island11408_1LFL
Little Pine Island Bay11409_1SFL
Little Point Clear11378_6LAL
Little Redfish Creek11412_1SFL
Little Redfish Creek11416_1SFL
Little Rocky Creek11408_1SFL
Little Rocky Creek11407_1SFL
Little Sabine Bay11378_1SFL
Little Sabine Bay11383_1SFL
Little Sarasota Bay11425_3SFL
Little Shark River11433_1SFL
Little Shark River11432_1SFL
Little Shark River (Wilderness Waterway)11433_1SFL
Little South Pass11409_1SFL
Little South Pass11408_1SFL
Little Spring Creek11407_1SFL
Little St George Island11401_1LFL
Little St George Island11402_1LFL
Little St George Island11404_1LFL
Little St Marks River11404_1SFL
Little St Marks River11401_1SFL
Little St Marks River11402_1SFL
Little Trout Creek11408_1SFL
Little West Bayou11406_1SFL
Little Wood Key11427_2LFL
Little Wood River11430_4SFL
Littles Bayou11385_1SFL
Live Oak Cutoff11385_1SFL
Live Oak Point11407_1LFL
Live Oak Point11385_1LFL
Liveoak Point11378_8LFL
Lock Creek11408_1SFL
Lofton Island11427_1LFL
Lolly Creek11408_1SFL
Lolly Creek11407_1SFL
Lone Cabbage Reef11408_1SFL
Long Bar11416_1SFL
Long Bar11406_2SFL
Long Bar Point11425_3LFL
Long Bayou11411_1SFL
Long Beach Resort11391_1LFL
Long Beach Resort11389_1LFL
Long Beach Resort11390_1LFL
Long Branch11416_1SFL
Long Cabbage Islands11408_1LFL
Long Cutoff11427_1SFL
Long Grass Point11407_1LFL
Long Grassy Creek11409_1SFL
Long Island11409_1LFL
Long Key11411_1LFL
Long Key11412_1LFL
Long Lake11405_1SFL
Long Lake11433_1SFL
Long Point11409_1LFL
Long Point11402_1LFL
Long Point11427_1LFL
Long Point11404_1LFL
Long Point11427_2LFL
Long Point11405_1LFL
Long Point11390_1LFL
Long Point11391_1LFL
Long Rack11430_4SFL
Long Shoal11416_1SFL
Longboat Key11425_3LFL
Longboat Pass11425_3SFL
Loomis Key11425_1LFL
Lopez River11430_1SFL
Lora Point11378_8LFL
Lost Lake11432_1SFL
Lostmans Creek11432_1SFL
Lostmans Creek Number Three11432_1SFL
Lostmans Creek Number Three11430_2SFL
Lostmans Five11430_2SFL
Lostmans Five Bay11430_2SFL
Lostmans Key11432_1LFL
Lostmans River11432_1SFL
Lostmans River11430_2SFL
Low Rock11409_1SFL
Lower Anchorage11402_1SFL
Lower Anchorage11401_1SFL
Lower Pritchard Long Point11385_4LFL
Lows Bay11408_1SFL
Lumber Key11430_1LFL
Luttrell Island11408_1LFL
Lynn Haven11390_1LFL
Lynn Haven Bay11390_1SFL
Lyons Bay11425_2SFL
Mack Bayou11385_1SFL
MacKeever Keys11427_1LFL
MacKeever Keys11427_2LFL
Madeira Beach11411_1LFL
Madelaine Key11411_1LFL
Madelaine Key11416_1LFL
Madelaine Key11412_1LFL
Magnolia Beach11391_1LFL
Magnolia Beach11390_1LFL
Magnolia Bluff11383_1LFL
Magnolia Bluff11378_8LFL
Magnolia Bluffs11401_1LFL
Magnolia Bluffs11404_1LFL
Main Channel11411_1SFL
Main Ship Channel11378_7SAL
Main Ship Channel11408_1SFL
Main Ship Channel11408_3SFL
Mallard Slough11402_1SFL
Mallet Bayou11385_1SFL
Manasota Key11425_1LFL
Manatee Point11385_4LFL
Manatee River11412_1SFL
Manatee River11425_3SFL
Mangrove Point11409_1LFL
Mangrove Point11412_1LFL
Mangrove Point11416_1LFL
Manuel Point11378_1LAL
Manuel River11378_1SAL
Marco Island11430_3LFL
Marler Bayou11385_1SFL
Marquis Basin11385_5SFL
Marsh Island11404_1LFL
Marsh Point11404_1LFL
Marys Point11416_1LFL
Mason Creek11409_1SFL
Mason Island11427_2LFL
Massalina Bayou11390_1SFL
Massaline Bayou11389_1SFL
Massilina Bayou11391_1SFL
Matanzas Pass11427_1SFL
MatLacha Pass11427_1SFL
Maximo Point11416_1LFL
Maximo Point11411_1LFL
May Creek11409_1SFL
McCrary Cove11408_3SFL
McCrary Cove11408_1SFL
McIlvane Bay11430_3SFL
McIntyre Creek11427_2SFL
McIntyre Creek11427_1SFL
McKay Bay11416_2SFL
McKay Bay11416_1SFL
McKay Creek11411_1SFL
McKay Point11411_1LFL
McMullen Creek11416_1SFL
McNeil Point11425_3LFL
Meade Point11425_3LFL
Merwin Key11427_1LFL
Mexico Beach11389_1LFL
Mexico Beach11393_1LFL
Middle Cape11433_1LFL
Middle Cape Canal11433_1SFL
Middle Ground11433_1SFL
Middle Ground11383_1SFL
Middle Ground11378_6SAL
Middle Ground11378_1SFL
Middle Lake11433_1SFL
Midnight Pass11425_3SFL
Midway Keys11433_1LFL
Midway Pass (Wilderness Waterway)11433_1SFL
Miflin Creek11378_4SAL
Miguel Bay11416_1SFL
Military Landing11409_1LFL
Military Point11390_1LFL
Military Point11389_1LFL
Military Point11391_1LFL
Mill Bayou11390_1SFL
Mill Point11390_1LFL
Mill Point11378_1LAL
Miller Creek11404_1SFL
Miller Point11385_4LFL
Miller Point11385_5LFL
Millers Bayou11409_1SFL
Millers Creek11409_1SFL
Minge Branch11390_1SFL
Minnow Creek11409_1SFL
Mississippi Sound11378_6SAL
Mitchell Beach11411_1LFL
Mitchell River11385_1SFL
Mitchell River Island11385_1LFL
Mobbly Bay11416_4SFL
Mobbly Bayou11416_4SFL
Mobile Bay11378_6SAL
Mobile Bay11378_7SAL
Mobile Bay Channel11378_6SAL
Mobile Point11378_6LAL
Mobile Point11378_7LAL
Moccasin Bayou11378_4SAL
Moccasin Creek11408_1SFL
Mon Louis Island11378_6LAL
Monden Camp11408_1LFL
Mondongo Island11427_2LFL
Money Bayou11402_1SFL
Money Beach11402_1LFL
Monroe Lake11433_1SFL
Montgomery Slough11402_1SFL
Montgomery Slough11404_1SFL
Moorings Bay11430_3SFL
Moorings Bay11430_5SFL
Moreno Point11385_4LFL
Moreno Point11388_1LFL
Moreno Point11385_1LFL
Morgan Bay11430_3SFL
Morgan Keys11430_3LFL
Morgan Pass11430_3SFL
Morgan Point11430_3LFL
Morgan River11430_3SFL
Mormon Key11430_2LFL
Mormon Key11430_1LFL
Moses Hole11416_1SFL
Mosquito Key11430_1LFL
Mosquito Key11430_2LFL
Mosquito Point11433_1LFL
Motes Point11385_1LFL
Mud Bay11433_1SFL
Mud Bay11430_4SFL
Mud Bayou11390_1SFL
Mud Creek11409_1SFL
Mud Key Channel11411_1SFL
Mud Lake11433_1SFL
Mud Lake (Coot Bay)11433_1SFL
Mud Lakes11432_1SFL
Mud River11409_1SFL
Mulatto Bayou11378_8SFL
Mulberry Point11378_1LAL
Mule Key11411_1LFL
Mullet Bay11430_2SFL
Mullet Bay11432_1SFL
Mullet Key11411_1LFL
Mullet Key11412_1LFL
Mullet Key11416_1LFL
Mullet Key Bayou11412_1SFL
Mullet Key Bayou11411_1SFL
Mullet Key Channel11416_1SFL
Mullet Key Channel11411_1SFL
Mullet Key Shoal11411_1SFL
Mullet Key Shoal11416_1SFL
Munlin Creek11430_3SFL
Murder Point11378_6LAL
Murdock Bayou11427_2SFL
Murray Bayou11393_1SFL
Murray Key11433_1LFL
Murray Point11393_1LFL
Muscogee Wharf11378_1LFL
Mussett Bayou11385_1SFL
Mustin Beach11383_1LFL
Nancys Cutoff11385_1SFL
Naples Bay11430_3SFL
Naples Park11430_5LFL
Narrows Cove11427_2SFL
Naval Coastal Systems Center11392_1LFL
Navarre Beach11385_4LFL
Navy Cove11378_6SAL
Navy Cove11378_7SAL
Neal Key11430_3LFL
Neal Key11430_4LFL
Negro Head11427_1LFL
Negro Island11408_1LFL
Nelson Point11385_1LFL
Net Spread Key11409_1LFL
New Pass11425_3SFL
New Point Comfort11425_1LFL
New Port Richey11409_1LFL
New River11404_2SFL
New River11405_1SFL
New Turkey Key11430_1LFL
New Turkey Key11430_2LFL
Newman Bayou11390_1SFL
Newman Branch11416_1SFL
Nicks Hole11404_1SFL
Nix Point11378_5LFL
Noriegas Island11378_8LFL
Norreigo Point11385_4LFL
North Anclote Key11409_1LFL
North Bank11408_1SFL
North Bay11390_1SFL
North Blind Creek11409_1SFL
North Captiva Island11427_2LFL
North Channel11385_1SFL
North Channel11409_1SFL
North Channel11412_1SFL
North Channel11385_4SFL
North Channel11411_1SFL
North Creek11425_3SFL
North Fort Myers11427_1LFL
North Harney River11432_1SFL
North Key11408_1LFL
North Key11408_3LFL
North Plover Key11430_2LFL
North Point11409_1LFL
North Point11378_6LAL
North Point11412_1LFL
North Prong11432_1SFL
North River11432_1SFL
North River11433_1SFL
North River Chickee11433_1LFL
North River Chickee11432_1LFL
North Yacht Basin11416_3SFL
Northwest Cape11433_1LFL
Northwest Channel11408_3SFL
Northwest Channel11408_1SFL
Northwest Keys11409_1LFL
Northwest Pass11408_2SFL
Northwest Rocks11409_1SFL
Number Four Channel11408_1SFL
Nutall Rise11405_1LFL
Ocean City11385_4LFL
Ochlockonee Bay11405_1SFL
Ochlockonee Point11405_1LFL
Ochlockonee River11405_1SFL
Ochlockonee Shoal11405_1SFL
Odena Landing11402_1LFL
Odulund Island11408_2LFL
Okeechobee Waterway (East Fort Myers)11427_1SFL
Okeechobee Waterway (Piney Point)11427_1SFL
Okeechobee Waterway (San Carlos Bay)11427_1SFL
Old Blind Pass11427_2SFL
Old Blind Pass11427_1SFL
Old Callaway11390_1LFL
Old Creek11405_1SFL
Old Navy Cove11378_1SFL
Old Navy Cove11383_1SFL
Old Pass Lagoon11385_4SFL
Old River11378_1SAL
Old Tampa Bay11416_1SFL
Old Tom Bayou11427_2SFL
Oliver Bayou11406_1SFL
Onion Key11430_2LFL
Onion Key Bay11432_1SFL
Onion Key Bay11430_2SFL
Ono Island11378_1LAL
Opossum Key11430_2LFL
Orange Beach11378_1LAL
Orange Pass11427_2SFL
Orange River11427_1SFL
Oriole Beach11378_1LFL
Oriole Beach11383_1LFL
Oriole Beach11385_4LFL
Oro Point11378_6LAL
Otter Creek11407_1SFL
Otter Creek11432_1SFL
Otter Key11425_3LFL
Otter Key11433_1LFL
Otter Lake11405_1SFL
Outer Clam Bay11430_5SFL
Owens Bayou11378_4SAL
Oyster Bars11407_1SFL
Oyster Bay11433_1SFL
Oyster Bay11432_1SFL
Oyster Bay11378_2SAL
Oyster Bay11430_1SFL
Oyster Bay11405_1SFL
Oyster Creek11425_1SFL
Oyster Creek11433_1SFL
Oyster Creek11405_1SFL
Oyster Creek11407_1SFL
Oyster Creek11427_1SFL
Oyster Creek11409_1SFL
Oyster Keys11433_1LFL
Palm Bay11430_4SFL
Palm Harbor11412_1LFL
Palm Island11408_2LFL
Palm Island11425_3LFL
Palm Key11433_1LFL
Palm Point11393_1LFL
Palm Point11389_1LFL
Palm River11416_1SFL
Palm View11416_1LFL
Palma Ceia11416_1LFL
Palma Sola11425_3LFL
Palma Sola Bay11425_3
Palma Sola Bay (land)11425_3LFL
Palma Sola Park11425_3LFL
Palmetto Beach11378_2LAL
Palmetto Beach11378_6LAL
Palmetto Creek11378_1SAL
Palmetto Island11405_1LFL
Palmetto Point11391_1FL
Palmetto Point11390_1LFL
Palmetto Point11389_1LFL
Palmetto Point11427_1LFL
Panacea Park11405_1LFL
Panama City11389_1LFL
Panama City11390_1LFL
Panama City11391_1LFL
Panama City Beach11390_1FL
Panama City Beach11391_1LFL
Panther Key11430_1LFL
Panther Key11430_4LFL
Panther Key11427_2LFL
Panther Swamp11393_1LFL
Paradise Beach11378_5LFL
Paradise Island11411_1LFL
Paradise Island11416_1LFL
Parker Bayou11391_1SFL
Parker Bayou11390_1SFL
Parker Branch11390_1SFL
Part Island11427_2LFL
Pasadena Isle11411_1LFL
Pass Aux Herons11378_6SAL
Pass Aux Herons Channel11378_6SAL
Pass-A-Grille Beach11411_1LFL
Pass-A-Grille Beach11412_1LFL
Pass-A-Grille Channel11412_1SFL
Pass-A-Grille Channel11411_1SFL
Passage Key11411_1LFL
Passage Key11412_1LFL
Passage Key Inlet11412_1SFL
Passage Key Inlet11425_3SFL
Passage Key Inlet11411_1SFL
Patricio Island11427_2LFL
Pattys Island11405_1LFL
Pavilion Key11430_1LFL
Peach Creek11385_2SFL
Pearl Bay11433_1SFL
Pearl Bay Chickee11433_1LFL
Pearl Bayou11391_1SFL
Pearl Bayou11390_1SFL
Peary Island Creek11405_1SFL
Peary Island Creek11407_1SFL
Peekins Ranch Code11425_1SFL
Pejuan Cove11427_2SFL
Pelican Bay11378_6SAL
Pelican Bay11378_7SAL
Pelican Bay11430_2SFL
Pelican Cove11416_1SFL
Pelican Island11411_1LFL
Pelican Island11378_6LAL
Pelican Island11378_7LAL
Pelican Keys11433_1LFL
Pelican Pass11425_1SFL
Pelican Passage11378_6SAL
Pelican Passage11378_7SAL
Pelican Point11378_6LAL
Pelican Point11378_7LAL
Pelican Point11406_2LFL
Pelican Reef11404_1SFL
Pendola Point11416_1LFL
Pendola Point11416_2LFL
Peninsula Point11405_1LFL
Pensacola Bay11378_1SFL
Pensacola Bay11383_1SFL
Pensacola Bay Bridge11378_1SFL
Pensacola Beach11378_1LFL
Pensacola Beach11383_1LFL
Pensacola Naval Air Station11383_1LFL
Pepperfish Keys11407_1LFL
Pepperfish Keys11408_1LFL
Peppertree Pointe11427_1LFL
Perdido Bay11378_1SAL
Perdido Bay11378_5SAL
Perdido Beach11378_1LAL
Perdido Key11383_1LFL
Perdido Key11378_1LFL
Perdido Pass11378_1SAL
Perdido River11378_5SAL
Perico Bayou11425_3SFL
Perico Island11425_3LFL
Periwinkle Bay11430_3SFL
Peters Rock11405_1SFL
Petersen Point11385_5LFL
Peterson Bayou11416_1SFL
Peterson Cut11425_1SFL
Petty Creek11409_1SFL
Philippee Creek11425_3SFL
Pickalene Bar11402_1SFL
Pickens Channel11383_1SFL
Pickens Channel11378_1SFL
Piclalene Bayou11390_1SFL
Picnic Island11416_1LFL
Picnic Island Creek11416_1SFL
Picnic Key11430_1LFL
Pig Bayou11389_1SFL
Pig Island11402_1LFL
Pig Island11389_1LFL
Pig Island11393_1LFL
Pig Key11430_3LFL
Pilot Cove11402_1SFL
Pilot Harbor11401_1SFL
Pilot Harbor11404_1SFL
Pine Island11427_1LFL
Pine Island11408_1LFL
Pine Island11409_1LFL
Pine Island11427_2LFL
Pine Island Sound11427_1SFL
Pine Island Sound11427_2SFL
Pine Log Creek11402_1SFL
Pine Log Creek11407_1SFL
Pine Log Island11407_1FL
Pine Log Swamp11407_1LFL
Pinellas Bayway11416_1SFL
Pinellas Peninsula11416_1LFL
Pinellas Peninsula11412_1LFL
Piney Island11405_1LFL
Piney Point11412_1LFL
Piney Point11407_1LFL
Piney Point11408_1LFL
Piney Point11408_3LFL
Piney Point11416_1LFL
Piney Point11427_1LFL
Piney Point11390_1LFL
Piney Point11385_1LFL
Piney Point Creek11416_1SFL
Pinhook River11405_1SFL
Pippin Lake11385_1SFL
Pithlachascotee River11409_1SFL
Pitts Bayou11390_1SFL
Pitts Bayou11391_1SFL
Pitts Creek11407_1SFL
Pitts Creek11405_1SFL
Placida Harbor11425_1SFL
Plate Creek Bay11430_2SFL
Pleasant Grove11378_1LFL
Plover Key11432_1LFL
Pocoson Swamp11408_1LFL
Pocoson Swamp11407_1LFL
Point Isabel11378_6LAL
Point O Rocks11425_3LFL
Point Ono11378_1LAL
Point Pinellas11416_1LFL
Point Pinellas11412_1LFL
Point Washington11385_1LFL
Point Washington11385_2LFL
Point Ybel11427_1LFL
Pompano Key11409_1LFL
Ponce De Leon Bay11433_1SFL
Ponce De Leon Bay11432_1SFL
Pond Creek11385_5SFL
Poorhouse Creek11402_1SFL
Poquito Bayou11385_4SFL
Porpoise Bay11409_1SFL
Porpoise Creek11407_1SFL
Porpoise Creek11405_1SFL
Porpoise Point11408_1LFL
Porpoise Point11433_1LFL
Porpoise Point11432_1LFL
Port Boca Grande11427_2LFL
Port Inglis11408_1LFL
Port Leon11406_1LFL
Port Leon Creek11406_1SFL
Port Manatee11416_1LFL
Port of St Petersburg11416_3LFL
Port of the Islands Marina11430_4LFL
Port Richey11409_1LFL
Port Royal11430_3LFL
Port Sanibel11427_1LFL
Port St Joe11393_1LFL
Port St Joe11389_1LFL
Port Sutton11416_1LFL
Port Sutton11416_2LFL
Port Sutton Channel11416_2SFL
Port Tampa11416_1LFL
Portage Creek11378_2SAL
Portage Creek11378_1SAL
Porter Island11405_1LFL
Porters Bar11404_1SFL
Porters Bar Creek11404_1SFL
Possum Gap Island11405_1LFL
Posten Bayou11390_1SFL
Posten Bayou11391_1SFL
Postum Bayou11404_1SFL
Postum Bayou11405_1SFL
Potter Creek11409_1SFL
Pound Net Creek11409_1SFL
Pratt Bayou11391_1SFL
Pratt Bayou11390_1SFL
Preacher Bryant Pond11393_1SFL
Preacher Hole11408_1SFL
Pretty Bayou11391_1SFL
Pretty Bayou11390_1SFL
Prices Key11425_3LFL
Primo Point11427_2LFL
Pumpkin Bay11430_4SFL
Pumpkin Creek11409_1SFL
Pumpkin Key11427_2LFL
Pumpkin River11430_4SFL
Punta Bianca Island11427_2LFL
Punta Blanca Bay11427_1SFL
Punta Blanca Creek11427_1SFL
Punta Rassa11427_1LFL
Punta Rassa Cove11427_1SFL
Quarantine Rocks11425_1SFL
Quick Point11425_3LFL
Rabbit Key11430_1LFL
Rabbit Key11409_1LFL
Rabbit Key11412_1LFL
Rabbit Key Grasses11430_1SFL
Rabbit Key Pass11430_1SFL
Rabbit Point11404_1LFL
Raccoon Island11378_6LAL
Raccoon Point11409_1LFL
Raffield Island11393_1LFL
Rag Island11427_1LFL
Raleigh Islands11408_1LFL
Rambler Hole11425_1SFL
Ramsey Creek11408_1SFL
Ramsey Key11430_3LFL
Ramsey Point11408_1LFL
Ranch Bar Gap11408_1SFL
Ranch Point11404_1LFL
Range Point11383_1LFL
Range Point11378_1LFL
Rankin Bight11433_1SFL
Rankin Key11433_1LFL
Rat Key11427_2LFL
Rattlesnake Cove11404_1SFL
Rattlesnake Key11408_1LFL
Rattlesnake Key11412_1LFL
Rattlesnake Key11416_1LFL
Reckems Point11427_1LFL
Red Bank Reef11407_1SFL
Red Bank Reef11408_1SFL
Red Bluff11378_1LAL
Red Lake11425_1SFL
Redfish Cove11427_1SFL
Redfish Cove11425_1SFL
Redfish Cove11385_4SFL
Redfish Creek11416_1SFL
Redfish Pass11427_2SFL
Redfish Point11390_1LFL
Redfish Point11427_1LFL
Redfish Point11383_1LFL
Redfish Point11391_1LFL
Redfish Point11385_4LFL
Redfish Point11389_1LFL
Redfish Point (Big Lagoon)11378_1LAL
Redfish Point (Pensacola Bay)11378_1LFL
Redington Shores11411_1LFL
Redoubt Bayou11383_1SFL
Redoubt Bayou11378_1SFL
Register Bayou11406_2SFL
Regla Island11427_2LFL
Regular Creek11407_1SFL
Resota Beach11390_1LFL
Rice Creek Bay11409_1SFL
Richard Bayou11393_1SFL
Ringjaw Camp11393_1LFL
Roberts Bay11430_3SFL
Roberts Bay11425_3SFL
Roberts Bay11425_2SFL
Roberts Bayou11378_1SAL
Roberts River11433_1SFL
Roberts River Chickee11433_1LFL
Robinson Bayou11390_1SFL
Robinson Island11378_1LAL
Robinson Point11385_5LFL
Rock Bar11406_2SFL
Rock Creek11430_3SFL
Rock Creek11425_1SFL
Rock Creek11406_2SFL
Rock Hole Key11430_1LFL
Rock Island11409_1LFL
Rock Island Bay11409_1SFL
Rock Islands11407_1LFL
Rock Islands11405_1LFL
Rock Point11416_1LFL
Rock Point11405_1LFL
Rock Point11407_1LFL
Rock Point11378_8LFL
Rock Point (at Jack Creek)11407_1LFL
Rock Yard Creek11409_1SFL
Rocky Bayou11385_1SFL
Rocky Channel11427_2SFL
Rocky Cove11408_1SFL
Rocky Creek11432_1SFL
Rocky Creek11409_1SFL
Rocky Creek11416_4SFL
Rocky Creek11407_1SFL
Rocky Creek Bay11432_1SFL
Rocky Point11416_1LFL
Rocky Point11416_4LFL
Rocky Run11408_1SFL
Rodgers Creek11432_1SFL
Rodgers River11432_1SFL
Rodgers River Bay11432_1SFL
Rodgers River Bay Chickee11432_1LFL
Romar Beach11378_1LAL
Rookery Bay11430_2SFL
Rookery Bay11430_3SFL
Rookery Branch11432_1SFL
Roosevelt Channel11427_2SFL
Roscoe Key11433_1LFL
Rose Creek11405_1SFL
Rose Creek11409_1SFL
Ross Point11378_1LAL
Round Key11430_1LFL
Round Key11430_4LFL
Round Point11412_1LFL
Royal Bluff11404_1LFL
Royal Bluff11401_1LFL
Rushing Cutoff11385_1SFL
Russel Bayou11378_1SFL
Russell Bay11430_1SFL
Russell Key11430_1LFL
Russell Pass11430_1SFL
Ryle Creek11409_1SFL
Sabine Inlet11378_1SFL
Sabine Inlet11383_1SFL
Sabine Point11378_1LFL
Saddle Key11409_1LFL
Safety Harbor11416_4SFL
Safety Harbor11427_2SFL
Safety Harbor (land)11416_4LFL
Saint Pete Beach11411_1LFL
Salt Creek11408_2SFL
Salt Creek11393_1SFL
Salt Creek11408_1SFL
Salt Creek11416_3SFL
Salt Creek11409_1SFL
Salt Creek11416_1SFL
Salt Creek11407_1SFL
Salt River11409_1SFL
Salt Springs Run11409_1SFL
Saltwater Creek11404_1SFL
Sams Bayou11409_1SFL
Sams Creek Cutoff11402_1SFL
Sams Cutoff Creek11404_1SFL
San Blas11391_1LFL
San Blas11390_1LFL
San Carlos Bay11427_2SFL
San Carlos Beach11383_1LFL
Sanctuary Sound11430_3SFL
Sand Bay11409_1SFL
Sand Beach11404_1LFL
Sand Beach Branch11404_1SFL
Sand Cove11406_2SFL
Sand Hill Bay11430_3SFL
Sand Hill Creek11430_3SFL
Sand Island11402_1LFL
Sand Island11401_1LFL
Sand Island11378_7LAL
Sand Island Channel11378_7SAL
Sand Key11412_1LFL
Sand Key11411_1LFL
Sand Point11416_1LFL
Sand Point11407_1LFL
Sandbank Creek11404_1SFL
Sanders Creek11408_1SFL
Sandfly Key11425_1LFL
Sandfly Pass11430_1SFL
Sandy Creek11393_1SFL
Sandy Hook11409_1LFL
Sandy Key Basin11433_1SFL
Sanibel Bayous11427_1SFL
Sanibel Bayous11427_2SFL
Sanibel Island11427_1LFL
Sanibel Island11427_2LFL
Sanibel Island Light11427_1LFL
Sanibel Sand Flats11427_2LFL
Sanibel Sand Flats11427_1LFL
Santa Rosa Beach11385_1LFL
Santa Rosa Island11383_1LFL
Santa Rosa Island11388_1LFL
Santa Rosa Island11378_1LFL
Santa Rosa Island11385_4LFL
Santa Rosa Sound11383_1SFL
Santa Rosa Sound11378_1SFL
Santa Rosa Sound11385_4SFL
Santina Bay11430_4SFL
Santini Bight11433_1SFL
Sapling Point11378_1LAL
Sarah Ann Bayou11385_1SFL
Sarasota Bay11425_3SFL
Sarasota Point11425_3LFL
Saul Creek11402_1SFL
Saultsman Bayou11378_8SFL
Sawyer Key11411_1LFL
Saxon Bay11378_6SAL
Scale Key11408_1LFL
School Key11411_1LFL
School Key11425_3LFL
Scipio Creek11404_1SFL
Scipio Creek11402_1SFL
Sea Oat Island11430_3LFL
Seahorse Key11408_1LFL
Seahorse Key11408_3LFL
Seahorse Reef11408_1SFL
Seaplane Basin11416_2SFL
Seaplane Basin11416_1SFL
Searcy Creek11393_1SFL
Searcy Creek11402_1SFL
Seaside Point11412_1LFL
Second Bay11430_2SFL
Second Bay11432_1SFL
Second Mouth11427_1SFL
Second Point11409_1LFL
Seddon Channel11416_2SFL
Seddon Channel11416_1SFL
Seminole Point11432_1LFL
Seven Brothers11408_1LFL
Seven Cabbage Cutoff11409_1SFL
Seven Cabbage Island11409_1LFL
Seven Palm Lake11433_1SFL
Seven Sisters11408_1LFL
Seymour Bluff11378_2LAL
Shackett Creek11425_2SFL
Shackett Creek11425_1SFL
Shark Point11433_1LFL
Shark Cutoff11432_1SFL
Shark Cutoff11433_1SFL
Shark Point11432_1LFL
Shark Point11433_1LFL
Shark Point11409_1LFL
Shark River11432_1SFL
Shark River11433_1SFL
Shark River Chickee11432_1LFL
Shark River Island11433_1LFL
Shark River Island11432_1LFL
Sharp Point11383_1LFL
Sharp Point11378_1LFL
Sheephead Bayou11390_1SFL
Sheephead Bayou11391_1SFL
Sheephead Bayou11389_1SFL
Sheepshead Bayou11402_1SFL
Shell Bay11430_3SFL
Shell Creek11427_1SFL
Shell Island11391_1LFL
Shell Island11409_1LFL
Shell Island11408_1LFL
Shell Island11389_1LFL
Shell Island11390_1LFL
Shell Key11430_4LFL
Shell Key11416_1LFL
Shell Key Bay11430_4SFL
Shell Point11427_1LFL
Shell Point11390_1LFL
Shell Point11416_1LFL
Shell Point11405_1LFL
Shell River11405_1SFL
Shellbank Bayou11378_6SAL
Shellbank Bayou11378_2SAL
Shepherd Spring Creek11405_1SFL
Sherman Cove11378_1SFL
Sherman Inlet11383_1SFL
Shields Point11385_5LFL
Shine Creek11406_2SFL
Ship Rock11409_1LFL
Shipping Cove11404_1SFL
Shired Creek11408_1SFL
Shired Island11408_1LFL
Shirk Bayou11385_1SFL
Shirk Point11385_1LFL
Shivers Bay11409_1SFL
Shoal Mud Bay11430_1SFL
Shoal Point11391_1LFL
Shoal Point11390_1LFL
Siesta Beach11425_3LFL
Siesta Key11425_3LFL
Silver Key11427_2LFL
Silver Key11427_1LFL
Simpson River11378_8SFL
Sink Creek11407_1SFL
Sister Keys11416_1LFL
Sister Keys11427_1LFL
Sister Keys11425_3LFL
Skeet Key11416_1LFL
Skim Lake11385_5SFL
Slagle Ditch11433_1SFL
Slate Island11409_1LFL
Smack Bayou11389_1SFL
Smack Bayou11391_1SFL
Smack Bayou11390_1SFL
Smack Point11385_4LFL
Smith Island11405_1LFL
Smith Point11390_1LFL
Smith-McCullah Creek11405_1SFL
Smith-McCullah Creek11407_1SFL
Smokehouse Bay11430_3SFL
Snag Point11416_1LFL
Snake Bight11433_1SFL
Snake Bight Channel11433_1SFL
Snake Island11416_1LFL
Snake Key11408_1LFL
Snake Key11416_1LFL
Snake Key11408_3LFL
Snead Island11425_3LFL
Snead Island11416_1LFL
Snell Isle11412_1LFL
Snook Hole Channel11430_3SFL
Soldier Creek11378_1SAL
Sopchoppy River11405_1SFL
South Bank11408_3SFL
South Bar Channel11408_3SFL
South Bar Channel11408_1SFL
South Blind Creek11409_1SFL
South Causeway Isles11411_1LFL
South Channel11412_1SFL
South Cocoanut Bayou11425_3SFL
South Creek11425_3SFL
South Dock11392_1LFL
South Fork11378_2SAL
South Joe River Chickee11433_1LFL
South Lostmans11430_2LFL
South Mangrove Point11408_1LFL
South Mouth11385_1SFL
South Pasadena11411_1LFL
South Pass11408_1SFL
South Pass11409_1SFL
South Point11430_3LFL
South Point11408_1LFL
South Point11409_1LFL
South Shoal11405_1SFL
South St Martins Reek11409_1SFL
South Stop11416_1SFL
South Yacht Basin11416_3SFL
Southwest Cape11405_1LFL
Southwest Channel11412_1SFL
Southwest Channel11411_1SFL
Southwest Gate11430_4SFL
Spanish Hole11406_2SFL
Spanish Point11383_1LFL
Spanish Point11378_1LFL
Spanish Shanty Point11390_1LFL
Sparkman Channel11416_2SFL
Sparkman Channel11416_1SFL
Sponge Point11407_1LFL
Sprague Island11406_2LFL
Sprague Island11405_1LFL
Sprague Point11406_2LFL
Sprague Point Bar11406_2SFL
Spray Bar11406_2SFL
Spring Bayou11378_6SAL
Spring Branch11378_1SAL
Spring Creek11405_1SFL
Spring Run11408_1SFL
Spring Warrior Creek11407_1SFL
Squawk Creek11432_1SFL
St Andrew11390_1LFL
St Andrew11391_1LFL
St Andrew11389_1LFL
St Andrew Bay11390_1SFL
St Andrew Bay11392_1SFL
St Andrew Bay11389_1SFL
St Andrew Point11393_1LFL
St Andrew Point11389_1LFL
St Andrews Bay11378_6SAL
St Andrews State Park11390_1LFL
St Andrews State Park11391_1LFL
St Armands Key11425_3LFL
St Christopher Key11411_1LFL
St George Island11404_1LFL
St George Island11405_1LFL
St George Island11401_1LFL
St George Island11402_1LFL
St George Sound11401_1SFL
St George Sound11405_1SFL
St George Sound11404_1SFL
St James City11427_2LFL
St James City11427_1LFL
St James Creek11427_1SFL
St James Island11405_1LFL
St James Point11427_2LFL
St James Point11427_1LFL
St Jean Key11411_1LFL
St Joseph Bay11393_1SFL
St Joseph Bay11389_1SFL
St Joseph Bay Light11389_1LFL
St Joseph Bay Light11393_1LFL
St Joseph Peninsula11402_1LFL
St Joseph Peninsula11401_1LFL
St Joseph Peninsula11393_1LFL
St Joseph Peninsula11389_1LFL
St Joseph Point11389_1LFL
St Joseph Point11393_1LFL
St Joseph Sound11412_1SFL
St Marks11406_1LFL
St Marks11405_1LFL
St Marks Island11402_1LFL
St Marks Light11405_1LFL
St Marks Light11406_2LFL
St Marks Point11401_1LFL
St Marks River11402_1SFL
St Marks River11404_1SFL
St Marks River11405_1SFL
St Marks River11406_1SFL
St Marks River11401_1SFL
St Marks River11406_2SFL
St Martins Keys11409_1LFL
St Martins Reef11409_1SFL
St Martins River11409_1SFL
St Petersburg11416_1LFL
St Petersburg11412_1LFL
St Petersburg - Clearwater International Airport11416_1LFL
St Teresa Beach11405_1LFL
St Vincent Bar11401_1SFL
St Vincent Bar11402_1SFL
St Vincent Island11402_1LFL
St Vincent Island11401_1LFL
St Vincent Point11402_1LFL
St Vincent Point11401_1LFL
St Vincent Sound11402_1SFL
St Vincent Sound11401_1SFL
Staffords Island11408_1LFL
Stake Creek Point11409_1LFL
Stake Point11385_1LFL
Stakes Camp Key11433_1LFL
Stapleton Creek11409_1SFL
Star Lake11378_1SFL
Stave Point11404_1LFL
Steamboat Gap11408_1SFL
Steinhatchee River11407_1SFL
Stephens Point11425_3LFL
Stevenson Creek11409_1SFL
Stingaree Island11430_3LFL
Stone Quarry Bayou11378_1SAL
Stony Bayou11405_1SFL
Stop Keys11430_1LFL
Stopper Creek11430_3SFL
Storter Bay11430_2SFL
Storter Bay11430_1SFL
Strange Bayou11393_1SFL
Strange Point11393_1LFL
Stuart Point11407_1LFL
Stuart Point11408_1LFL
Stump Pass11425_1SFL
Suarez Point11378_5LAL
Sugar Bay11430_4SFL
Sugar Bay11430_3SFL
Sugar Hill11404_1LFL
Sulfur Creek11405_1SFL
Sullivans Ditch11378_8SFL
Sulphur Point11392_1LFL
Sulphur Point11390_1LFL
Sulphur Point11391_1LFL
Summer Resort11411_1LFL
Suncoast Keys11409_1LFL
Sunday Bay11430_1SFL
Sunset Beach11411_1LFL
Sunset Park11416_1LFL
Sunshine Skyway11411_1LFL
Sunshine Skyway Channel11411_1SFL
Suwanee Reef11408_2SFL
Suwannee Reef11408_1SFL
Suwannee River11408_1SFL
Suwannee River11408_2SFL
Suwannee Sound11408_1SFL
Sweetwater Chickee11430_1LFL
Sweetwater Creek11416_4SFL
Sweetwater Creek11416_1SFL
Sword Point11427_1LFL
Tampa Bay11416_1SFL
Tampa Bay11412_1SFL
Tampa Bay11411_1SFL
Tampa Bay11425_3SFL
Tank Island11404_1LFL
Tarkiln Bay11378_1SFL
Tarkiln Bayou11378_1SFL
Tarkiln Point11378_1LFL
Tarkin Point11378_1LFL
Tarpon Bay11430_3SFL
Tarpon Bay11427_1SFL
Tarpon Bay11432_1SFL
Tarpon Bay11430_2SFL
Tarpon Creek11433_1SFL
Tarpon Key11412_1LFL
Tarpon Key11411_1LFL
Tarpon Key11416_1LFL
Tarpon Springs11412_1LFL
Tater Island11407_1FL
Tates Hell Swamp11404_1LFL
Teal Miller Flats11404_2LFL
Teal Miller Flats11404_1LFL
Ten Thousand Islands11430_1LFL
Ten Thousand Islands11430_2LFL
Ten Thousand Islands11430_4LFL
Tenmile Creek11408_1SFL
Terra Ceia Bay11416_1SFL
Terra Ceia Island11416_1LFL
Terra Ceia Island11412_1LFL
Terra Ceia Point11416_1LFL
Terra Ceia River11416_1SFL
Terrapin Bay11433_1SFL
Terrapin Key11427_2LFL
Terrapin Point11433_1LFL
Terry Cove11378_1SAL
Thankyoumaam Creek11404_1SFL
Thankyoumaam Creek11402_1SFL
The Bulkhead11416_1SFL
The Cabbage11409_1LFL
The Cutoff11432_1SFL
The Cutoff11425_1SFL
The Cutoff (North River)11432_1SFL
The Cutoff (Roberts R, North R)11433_1SFL
The Cuttoff11409_1SFL
The First National11430_3SFL
The Kink11393_1SFL
The Kitchen11416_1SFL
The Lungs11433_1SFL
The Muddies11430_3SFL
The Narrows11409_1SFL
The Narrows11385_4SFL
The Narrows11412_1SFL
The Narrows11411_1SFL
The Narrows11427_2SFL
The Nightmare11432_1SFL
The Pond11416_4SFL
The Reefs11411_1SFL
The Rocks11425_1LFL
The Sawgrasses11409_1SFL
The Spit11378_7SAL
The Spit11378_6SAL
The Union11409_1LFL
The Watson Place11430_1LFL
The Watson Place11430_2LFL
Third Bay11432_1SFL
Third Bay11430_2SFL
Third Point11409_1LFL
Thirteen Mile11401_1LFL
Thirteen Mile11402_1LFL
Thoms Island11405_1LFL
Thornton Key11425_1LFL
Three Island Cove11430_3SFL
Three Rivers11378_6SAL
Three Rooker Bar11412_1LFL
Tide Creek11430_1SFL
Tide swamp11407_1LFL
Tidy Island11425_3LFL
Tierra Verde11412_1LFL
Tierra Verde11411_1LFL
Tiger Key11430_1LFL
Tiger Point11385_4LFL
Tiger Point11378_1LFL
Tiger Point11383_1LFL
Tiger Tail Bay11409_1SFL
Tiger Tail Island11409_1LFL
Tillette Bayou11416_1SFL
Timber Island11404_2LFL
Timber Island11404_1LFL
Timber Island11405_1LFL
Tin Pan Gap11408_1SFL
Tin Pan Gap11409_1SFL
Tom King Bayou11385_5SFL
Toms Bayou (Moreno Point)11385_1SFL
Toms Bayou (Valparaiso)11385_1SFL
Toms Bight11432_1SFL
Toms Creek11430_2SFL
Toms Creek11432_1SFL
Towhead Island11404_1LFL
Town Point11390_1LFL
Town Point11389_1LFL
Town Point11391_1LFL
Town Point11378_1LFL
Treasure Island11412_1LFL
Treasure Island11411_1LFL
Tripod Creek11408_1SFL
Tripod Creek11407_1SFL
Tripod Key11430_3LFL
Tripod Key11430_4LFL
Trouble Creek11409_1SFL
Trout Bayou11378_8SFL
Trout Creek11408_1SFL
Trout Point11378_1LFL
Tucker Bayou11385_1SFL
Tucker Bayou11385_2SFL
Tucker Creek11402_1SFL
Tucker Lake11405_1SFL
Tug Gap11408_1SFL
Turkey Point11405_1LFL
Turkey Point Shoal11405_1SFL
Turner Key11425_2LFL
Turner River11430_1SFL
Turtle Creek11408_1SFL
Turtle Creek Bay11408_1SFL
Turtle Creek Point11408_1LFL
Turtle Harbor11402_1SFL
Turtle Island11430_3LFL
Turtle Key11430_1LFL
Turtle Key11430_4LFL
Turtlecrawl Point11411_1LFL
Two Brothers Islands11412_1LFL
Two Brothers Islands11416_1LFL
Two Island Bay11432_1SFL
Two Island Bay11430_2SFL
Tysons Harbor11404_1SFL
Umbrella Island11430_3LFL
Umbrella Key11433_1LFL
Unknown Bay11430_3SFL
Upper Addison Bay11430_3SFL
Upper Anchorage11402_1SFL
Upper Anchorage11401_1SFL
Upper Anchorage11404_1SFL
Upper Goose Bayou11390_1SFL
Useppa Island11427_2LFL
Vabbage Creek11407_1SFL
Vanderbilt Beach11430_5LFL
Vanderbilt Channel11430_5SFL
Venetian Bay11430_5SFL
Venice Inlet11425_1SFL
Venice Inlet11425_3SFL
Venice Inlet11425_2SFL
Villa Tasso11385_1LFL
Waccasassa Bay11408_1SFL
Waccasassa Reefs11408_1SFL
Waccasassa River11408_1SFL
Wadley Pass11408_2SFL
Wakulla Beach11405_1LFL
Wakulla River11405_1SFL
Wakulla River11406_1SFL
Walker Bayou11393_1SFL
Walker Creek11405_1SFL
Walker Island11378_1LAL
Wall Springs11412_1LFL
Walsonham Point11390_1LFL
Ward Cove11385_1SFL
Ward Creek11390_1SFL
Ward Creek11385_3SFL
Warner West Bayou11425_3SFL
Warren Bayou11390_1SFL
Water Turkey Bay11430_5SFL
Water Turkey Bayou11427_2SFL
Watson Bayou11391_1SFL
Watson Bayou11390_1SFL
Watson River11432_1SFL
Watson River11433_1SFL
Watson River Chickee11433_1LFL
Watson River Chickee11432_1LFL
Way key11408_1LFL
Weaver River11385_5SFL
Weeki Wachee River11409_1SFL
Weekley Bayou11385_1SFL
Well Creek11409_1SFL
West Bank11378_7SAL
West Bank11408_3SFL
West Bay11390_1SFL
West Bay11385_3SFL
West Bay Creek11390_1SFL
West Bay Creek11385_3SFL
West Bay Point11390_1LFL
West Bayou11404_1SFL
West Bayou11401_1SFL
West Bayou11385_1SFL
West Channel11383_1SFL
West Channel11378_1SFL
West Gap11408_1SFL
West Gap11404_1SFL
West Gap11402_1SFL
West Lake11433_1SFL
West Pass11430_1SFL
West Pass11408_1SFL
West Pass11401_1SFL
West Pass11402_1SFL
West Pass Bay11430_1SFL
West Tampa11416_1LFL
West Tampa11416_2LFL
Wetappo Creek11393_1SFL
Wetappo Creek (North Prong)11393_1SFL
Wetappo Creek (South Prong)11393_1SFL
Whackup Creek11407_1SFL
Whackup Creek11408_1SFL
Whale island11411_1LFL
Whale Island11416_1LFL
Whale Key11425_3LFL
Wheeler Point11385_1LFL
Whetstone Point11405_1LFL
Whidden Key11425_1LFL
Whipray Basin11433_1SFL
Whiskey Creek11427_1SFL
Whiskey George Creek11404_1SFL
Whiskey Key11416_1LFL
Whitaker Bayou11425_3SFL
White Beach11404_1LFL
White Beach11401_1LFL
White City11393_1LFL
White Horse Key11430_4LFL
White Key11425_3LFL
White Point11385_4LFL
White Point11385_5LFL
White Point11378_1LFL
White Point11383_1LFL
White Point11385_1LFL
White River11378_8SFL
White Shell Bar Gap11408_1SFL
Whitewater Bay11433_1SFL
Whitewater Bay11432_1SFL
Whitfield Estates11425_3LFL
Whitney Beach11425_3LFL
Whitney Channel11430_4SFL
Whitney Channel11430_3SFL
Wiggins Pass11430_5SFL
Wilderness Waterway11433_1SFL
Wilderness Waterway (Broad Creek)11432_1SFL
Wilderness Waterway (Flamingo)11433_1SFL
Wilderness Waterway (Whitewater Bay)11433_1SFL
Williams Bayou11416_1SFL
Williams Bayou11390_1SFL
Williams Lake11385_1SFL
Willy Willy Indian Mound11432_1LFL
Wilson Beach11405_1LFL
Wilson Cut11427_2SFL
WIlson Point11390_1LFL
Withlacoochee Bay11408_1SFL
Withlacoochee Reefs11408_1SFL
Withlacoochee River11408_1SFL
Wolf Bay11378_4SAL
Wolf Bay11378_1SAL
Wolf Branch11416_1SFL
Wood Key11430_2LFL
Wood Key11432_1LFL
Wood Key11427_2LFL
Wood Key Cove11430_2SFL
Wood Key Cove11432_1SFL
Wood River11430_4SFL
Wood River11432_1SFL
Wooded Swamp11405_1LFL
Wooded Swamp11407_1LFL
Woodlawn Beach11385_4LFL
Woods Bayou11378_6SAL
Wright Basin11385_5SFL
Wulfert Channel11427_2SFL
Wulfert Keys11427_2LFL
Wynnehaven Beach11385_4LFL
Yates Creek11407_1SFL
Ybor Channel11416_2SFL
Ybor Channel11416_1SFL
Ybor City11416_1LFL
Ybor City11416_2LFL
Yellow Point11409_1LFL
Yellow River11385_5SFL
Yent Bayou11404_1SFL
York Island11427_1LFL
York Island11427_2LFL
Your Bay11432_1SFL
Your Bay11430_2SFL
Florida Gulf Coast Locations
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