The "Position Area" to the top left of the chart displays the Latitude and Longitude of the cursor (or "off chart"
if the cursor isn't on the chart).

Moving the charts is easiest using keys:
  • Arrow keys: move in the direction you want to see.
    If you want to see something above the current position, use the Up key
  • To move up or down faster, use the Page Up or Page Down keys.
  • Use Home to move to the top of a chart.
  • Use End to move to the bottom of a chart.
  • Use the W key to set a waypoint at the cursor position. A bright green line indicates the track between
    your waypoints.  A table of waypoints provides leg distance, total distance, and heading. Please note
    that the Firefox browser is much faster than Internet Explorer when rendering these tracks.

  • Double-clicking will center the chart at the position chosen.

  • Coordinate Display: Selects how you want the Latitude and Longitude displayed.
  • Zoom:  Zoom In halves the chart scale, Zoom out doubles the chart scale.
  • Print orientation: Full screen, Portrait, Landscape orientation, and Print are available.
  • MAP: Display a Map with the same centerpoint as the current chart.  Note that you may have to
    close the existing map before another one will display.

Navigating the Charts