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Alligator Creek11532_1SSC
Alligator Creek11531_1SSC
Alligator Creek (South)11532_1SSC
Anderson Creek11531_1SSC
Ashley River11521_1SSC
Atchison Creek11532_1SSC
Awendaw Creek11531_1SSC
Back River11527_1SSC
Baileys Landing11513_1LSC
Barrell Landing11513_1LSC
Barrett Shoals11513_1SSC
Bay Point11521_1LSC
Beach Creek11532_1SSC
Belle Isle Gardens11532_1LSC
Belvedere Creek11531_1SSC
Big Duck Creek11532_1SSC
Big Island11527_1LSC
Bird Island11535_1LNC
Bird Island11531_1LSC
Bloody Point11513_1LSC
Bonneau Ferry11527_1LSC
Botany Bay Island11521_1LSC
Braddock Point11513_1LSC
Breach Inlet11521_1SSC
Bread and Butter Creek11532_1SSC
Broad River11513_1SSC
Brown Island11532_1LSC
Buck Hall11531_1LSC
Bull Breakers11521_1SSC
Bull Breakers11531_1SSC
Bull Creek11531_1SSC
Bull Creek11513_1SSC
Bull Harbor11531_1SSC
Bull Island11531_1LSC
Bull Island11513_1LSC
Bull Island11521_1LSC
Bull River11531_1SSC
Bulls Bay11531_1SSC
Bushy Park11527_1LSC
Calibogue Sound11513_1SSC
Callawassie Island11513_1LSC
Cane Island11532_1LSC
Cape Island11531_1LSC
Cape Island Point11531_1LSC
Cape Romain11531_1LSC
Cape Romain Shoal11531_1SSC
Cape Roman Harbor11531_1SSC
Capers Creek11521_1SSC
Capers Inlet11521_1SSC
Capers Island11521_1LSC
Casino Creek11531_1SSC
Cat Island11532_1LSC
Cedar Island11532_1LSC
Cedar Island Point11531_1LSC
Cedar Island Point11532_1LSC
Charleston Harbor Entrance11521_1SSC
Charleston Light11521_1LSC
Chechessee River11513_1SSC
Chicken Creek11527_1SSC
Clark Creek11531_1SSC
Clubhouse Creek11531_1SSC
Cohen Hill11521_1LSC
Colleton River11513_1SSC
Combahee Bank11521_1SSC
Combahee Bank11513_1SSC
Congaree Boat Creek11531_1SSC
Cooper River11527_1SSC
Cooper River11513_1SSC
Cooper River11521_1SSC
Cooper River East Branch11527_1SSC
Cooper River West Branch11527_1SSC
Coosaw River11513_1SSC
Cork Creek11532_1SSC
Cote Bas11527_1LSC
Cottonpatch Creek11532_1SSC
Cowpen Point11531_1LSC
Crescent Beach11535_1LSC
Crow Island11532_1LSC
Cummings Point11521_1LSC
Cutoff Creek11532_1SSC
Daufuskie Island11513_1LSC
Daws Island11513_1LSC
Dean Hall11527_1LSC
Debidue Creek11532_1SSC
Debidue Island11532_1LSC
Debidue Island11535_1LSC
Dewees Inlet11521_1SSC
Dewees Island11521_1LSC
Drayton Hall11521_1LSC
Drum Island11521_1LSC
Du Pre Creek11531_1SSC
Duck Creek11532_1SSC
East Bank11531_1SSC
Edisto Beach11521_1LSC
Edisto Island11513_1LSC
Edisto River11521_1SSC
Estherville Minim Creek Canal11532_1SSC
Estherville Plantation11532_1LSC
Five Fathom Creek11531_1SSC
Flagg Creek11527_1SSC
Foot Point11513_1LSC
Foster Creek11527_1SSC
Fourmile Creek Canal11532_1SSC
Frampton Inlet11521_1SSC
Frazier Point11532_1LSC
French Quarter Creek11527_1SSC
Fripp Inlet11513_1SSC
Fripp Island11513_1LSC
Garden City Beach11535_1LSC
Gaskin Banks11513_1SSC
Georgetown Light11532_1LSC
Goat Island11532_1LSC
Goose Creek11527_1SSC
Grace Island11532_1LSC
Grahm Creek11531_1SSC
Great Pee Dee River11532_1SSC
Greggs Landing11521_1LSC
Grove Creek11527_1SSC
Hagan Island11527_1LSC
Haig Point11513_1LSC
Harbor River11513_1SSC
Harbor River11531_1SSC
Hard Landing11527_1LSC
Hare Island11532_1LSC
Haulover Creek11532_1SSC
Hector Wreck11531_1SSC
Hilton Head Island11513_1LSC
Hog Inlet11535_1SSC
Hogs Neck11513_1LSC
Horsehead Creek11531_1SSC
Hunting Island11513_1LSC
Hunting Island11521_1LSC
Intracoastal Waterway (Murphy Island)11532_1SSC
Intracoastal Waterway (Waccamaw River)11532_1SSC
Intracoastal Waterway (Winyah Bay)11532_1SSC
Isle of Palms11521_1LSC
Jeremy Inlet11521_1SSC
Jones Creek11532_1SSC
Key Creek11531_1SSC
Key Inlet11531_1SSC
Kiawah Island11521_1LSC
Kinloch Creek11532_1SSC
Lagoon Creek11532_1SSC
Lemon Island11513_1LSC
Lighthouse Creek11521_1SSC
Lighthouse Inlet11521_1SSC
Lighthouse Island11531_1LSC
Litchfield Beach11535_1LSC
Little Crow Island11532_1LSC
Little Duck Creek11532_1SSC
Little Papas Creek11531_1SSC
Little River Inlet11535_1SSC
Long Bay11535_1SSC
Long Creek11531_1SSC
Mad Inlet11535_1SNC
Magnolia Beach11535_1LSC
Manigault Neck11513_1LSC
Marsh Islands11532_1LSC
Mathews Cut11531_1SSC
May River11513_1SSC
Middleton Place11521_1LSC
Midway Inlet11535_1SSC
Mill Creek11532_1SSC
Minim Creek11532_1SSC
Minim Island11532_1LSC
Morgan River11513_1SSC
Mosquito Creek11532_1SSC
Mother Norton Shoal11532_1SSC
Mud Bay11532_1SSC
Muddy Bay11531_1SSC
Mungen Creek11513_1SSC
Murphy Island11531_1LSC
Murphy Island11532_1LSC
Murrells Inlet11535_1LSC
Myrtle Beach11535_1LSC
Nellie Creek11531_1SSC
New River11513_1SSC
No Mens Friend Creek11532_1SSC
Noble Slough11532_1SSC
North Inlet11535_1SSC
North Inlet11532_1SSC
North Inlet11531_1SSC
North Island11535_1LSC
North Island11532_1LSC
North Myrtle Beach11535_1LSC
North Santee Bay11532_1SSC
North Santee River11532_1SSC
Northeast Point11521_1LSC
Northeast Point11531_1LSC
Ocean Forest11535_1LSC
Okatee River11513_1SSC
Old Man Creek11532_1SSC
Otter Islands11521_1LSC
Oyster Bay11531_1SSC
Oyster Bay11532_1SSC
Oyster Bed Island11513_1LSC
Papas Creek11531_1SSC
Parris Island11513_1LSC
Pawleys Inlet11531_1SSC
Pawleys Inlet11535_1SSC
Pawleys Island11535_1LSC
Pelican Bank11521_1LSC
Pleasant Meadow Creek11532_1SSC
Pompion Hill Chapel11527_1LSC
Port Royal11513_1LSC
Port Royal Island11513_1LSC
Port Royal Sound11513_1SSC
Price Creek11521_1SSC
Price Inlet11521_1SSC
Prioleau Creek11527_1SSC
Pritchards Inlet11513_1SSC
Privateer Point11521_1LSC
Pumpkinseed Islands11532_1LSC
Quinby Creek11527_1SSC
Rabbit Island11532_1LSC
Raccoon Key11531_1LSC
Ramhorn Creek11532_1SSC
Ramshorn Creek11513_1SSC
Rattlesnake Shoal11521_1SSC
Red Bank Landing11527_1LSC
Rice Hope11527_1LSC
Rockfish Canal11532_1SSC
Romain River11531_1SSC
Rose Island11513_1LSC
Runnymede Island11521_1LSC
Saltpond Creek11531_1SSC
Sampit River11532_1SSC
Sand Island11532_1LSC
Sand Island11535_1LSC
Sandy Point11521_1LSC
Sandy Point11531_1LSC
Santee Path Creek11531_1SSC
Santee Point11531_1LSC
Santee Point11532_1LSC
Santee Swamp11532_1LSC
Savannah River11513_1SSC
Seabrook Island11521_1LSC
Sett Creek11531_1SSC
Singleton Swash11535_1SSC
Sixmile Creek11532_1SSC
Sixty Bass Creek11532_1SSC
Skrine Creek11531_1SSC
Slack Reach11531_1SSC
Slack Reach11527_1LSC
Snow Point11527_1LSC
South Edisto River11513_1SSC
South Island11532_1LSC
Spring Island11513_1LSC
St Helena Sound11513_1SSC
St Helena Sound11521_1SSC
St Pierre Creek11513_1SSC
Stono Inlet11521_1SSC
Sullivans Island11521_1LSC
Surfside Beach11535_1LSC
The Grove11527_1LSC
The Tee11527_1SSC
Trenchards Inlet11513_1SSC
Turtle Island11513_1LSC
Tybee Island11513_1LGA
Tybee Roads11513_1S
Vanderhorst Creek11531_1SSC
Venning Landing11527_1LSC
Waccamaw Neck11532_1LSC
Waccamaw Point11532_1LSC
Waccamaw River11532_1SSC
Waties Island11535_1LSC
Western Channel11532_1SSC
White Banks11531_1SSC
White Point Swash11535_1SSC
Windy Hill11535_1LSC
Winyah Bay11532_1SSC
Winyah Bay11535_1SSC
Winyah Bay Entrance11535_1SSC
Winyah Bay Entrance11532_1SSC
Wood Creek11532_1SSC
Woods Point11527_1LSC
Wright River11513_1SSC
Yellow House Creek11527_1SSC
Yellow House Landing11527_1LSC
South Carolina Locations
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