About Us
The author has provided software development and database design services to
the New York financial community since 1999.  
He has been an avid boater for
several years
.  Attending a variety of courses hosted by the Coast Guard Auxiliary,
led to the idea of a cruise planning web site.  
The Charts
The original charts that form the basis of this site are not copyrighted.  The
originator of the charts, the NOAA National Ocean Service has requested that logos
and other detail that might indicate they are official U.S. publications be deleted.  
Any logo, name, or other indicator that might be construed as a indication that the
web site is an official U.S. publication is unintentional.  

The charts are produced by converting the original chart to PNG format, using the
GNU Image Manipulation Program ("GIMP") to  prepare it for the web, plus a series
of specially developed tools to register the web images and deduce the Mercator
projection parameters.

While significant effort has gone into capturing and presenting the charts with a
high degree of fidelity, no claim of accuracy or completeness is made.  You are
urged in the strongest terms to rely only on original, official charts for actual
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